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LEGO Star Wars Helmet Collection Boba Fett 12

Let's Take A Look At The LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet

Boba Fett has arguably the most iconic helmet in all of Star Wars. Some would argue the stormtrooper, or Darth Vader, or maybe even a clone trooper depending on how old you are. Only one helmet would be said time and time again, and that is the Mandalorian helmet of Star Wars' most famous bounty […]

Star Wars The Black Series HyperReal Luke Skywalker from Hasbro

Star Wars Luke Skywalker HyperReal Hasbro Figure Gets New Images

New images have been revealed for the upcoming Hasbro Star Wars HyperReal Luke Skywalker from Empire Strikes Back This figure features his iconic Bespin outfit and will feature a new highly articulated body with seamless joints, fabric elements, and a nice set of accessories This figure will include five sets of interchangeable hands, a secondary[...]

R.B. Silva Gives Luke Skywalker a Yellow Lightsaber on May's Star Wars #6 Cover

R.B. Silva Gives Luke Skywalker a Yellow Lightsaber on May's Star Wars #6 Cover

The cover shows Luke Skywalker wielding a yellow lightsaber What does it mean? Has Luke gotten into golden showers since his fall in Cloud City? He really should have seen a psychiatrist about that whole Darth Vader being his father thing (sorry, spoilers).Lightsaber website Ultra Sabers describes the meaning behind the yellow lightsaber as follows: Who[...]

'Star Wars': Freddie Prinze Jr. Talks Kanan's 'Rise of Skywalker' Cameo

Star Wars fans were treated to some voice cameos from Jedi of the past at the end of Rise of Skywalker. Luke, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Ahsoka, and one Kanan Jarrus. Kanan appeared for four seasons on the excellent animated series Star Wars:Rebels, voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr. For fans of that show and animated Star […]

Mark Hamill Gets a Special Funko Exclusive to Designer Con

Mark Hamill Gets a Special Funko Exclusive to Designer Con [Review]

I was able to get one of the normal versions online so let us take a look with this review and see if this Mark Hamill Funko fits in your collection.[gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="1137952,1137953,1137954,1137955"]If you’re a fan of the actor, voice actor or Luke Skywalker then this is a perfect collectible for you[...]

'Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker' Gets a New IMAX Poster

'Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker' Gets a New IMAX Poster

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has gotten around 15 posters so far, so what is one more? Disney has released a new poster to celebrate the IMAX version of the film, and to be honest it is the best one so far. The white border, the twin suns. I love how Kylo's mask blends […]

“Star Wars”: Five Predictions for “The Rise of Skywalker” [OPINION]

"Star Wars": 5 Predictions for "The Rise of Skywalker"

We may finally see how Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Leia Organa (Fisher) were as parents to the young Ben Solo (Adam Driver) before sending him off to train with Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) It’s also possible Ford shot a scene with Hamill talking about Ben’s use of the Force.Bringing Ford back into the fold[...]

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Viz Media to Publish The Legends Of Luke Skywalker Star Wars Manga

Viz Media are to publish the Star Wars adaptation, The Legends Of Luke Skywalker: The Manga Not the first Star Wars manga adaptation.. not the second, third or fourth either But this has a specific lineage.Adapted from the novel by Ken Liu, with art by Akira Himekawa, Haruichi, Akira Fukuya, Takashi Kisaki and Subera.We knew[...]

Luke Skywalker Gets a Europe and UK Exclusive Black Series Figure

Luke Skywalker is getting his own Star Wars Black Series figure that will be hitting Europe and the UK first Some of the best Star Wars collectibles out there is the Black Series figure Fans of the series will now have one to be on the hunt for Luke Skywalker Black Series Figure will be[...]

Luke Skywalker Is Ready for the Death Star with New Kotobukiya Statue

Luke Skywalker Is Ready for the Death Star with New Kotobukiya Statue

Luke Skywalker is the man that started it all Mark Hamill’s iconic role captivated audiences and started a legacy that no one was expecting to happen When Star Wars hit theaters in 1977, no one was expecting the phenomenon that it would turn into The final scene of A New Hope was thrilling, it was[...]

"Star Wars: Legion" Previews Galactic Father/Son Reunion

"Star Wars: Legion" Previews Galactic Father/Son Reunion

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader may already exist in the game, but two upcoming Operative Expansions will change the way players field these iconic characters.[caption id="attachment_1064525" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] //Credit: Fantasy Flight Games[/caption]Previously, Star Wars: Legion players could field Luke and Vader as commanders for their respective forces, and for a long, long time, those two[...]

LEGO Star Wars SDCC Exclusive Set Revealed

LEGO Star Wars 2020 Sets Revealed, on Display at SDCC

LEGO Star Wars 2020 sets are already being revealed, as set 75270 Obi-Wan's Hut and set 75271 Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder will be available on January 1, 2020 How crazy is it that we are already seeing stuff for the new year? Each set will cost $29.99 and clock in around 200-250 bricks Obi-Wan's hut will[...]

New Star Wars Vintage Collection Figures Up For Order From Hasbro

New Star Wars Vintage Collection Figures Up For Order From Hasbro

The wave, featuring reissues of Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi, and Empire Strikes Back figures of Darth Vader, Han Solo, and Leia Organa, will release in May These were all very popular figures when they were originally released, and these reissues feature some sprucing up It is really cool that they are giving[...]

BossLogic Reimagines Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker

The most recent one is Star Wars related, and one we'd totally love to see made real on the big screen riiiiiiight now.Perhaps you'll remember the internet comparison to how similar Sebastian Stan looks to young Mark Hamill-Yup, we see it.Apparently, so did BossLogic, as his new piece suggests:[caption id="attachment_977851" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Sebastian Stan as Luke SkywalkerArt by[...]

Funko Goose Collage

Funko Round-Up: Captain Marvel, Mickey Mouse, Ad Icons, and Star Wars!

This is your chance to help support local businesses and smaller retailers, and you’ll pick up an amazing exclusive item in the process!Another Vynl pack that will be in stores this month is a Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader from the end of that film.A new Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Funko Vynl[...]

Star Wars Black Series Collage

Star Wars Black Series Archive Collection Figures Are Hitting Stores Now

The Black Series Archive Collection Wave One consists of four figures that command a huge price on the aftermarket: Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker (Pilot_, and bounty hunters Bossk and IG-88 All of them come with their original accessories, but also non-helmeted characters will take advantage of their new face scan tech Luke looks even more[...]

Luke's Lightsaber Pulled from Auction, Mark Hamill Responds

You know how much we enjoy telling you about auctions with interesting items, and the current saga of Luke Skywalker's "hero" lightsaber from Star Wars: A New Hope.Almost as soon as the item was listed by auction house Profiles In History, there were concerns about the provenance (history and ownership of said item) of the lightsaber[...]