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Ricky Whittle posed with "The Child" (well, a doll) on the set of American Gods (images: Disney+ / STARZ).

American Gods Star Ricky Whittle Wants Season 4 Baby Yoda Crossover

Please don't get us wrong. We have tons of respect for American Gods star Ricky Whittle's sense of optimism and thinking really outside the box. And we guess there could be a way for Shadow Moon to somehow find his way into the Star Wars universe (and who wouldn't want to Neil Gaiman to get […]

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Chia Pet

Star Wars The Mandalorian Gets Chia Pet Featuring Baby Yoda

The Child is probably one of the biggest new characters to come out of Star Wars since the Disney takeover. The Mandalorian fans and non-fans, this adorable little green cutie has stolen hearts and wallets. We have seen some amazing Star Wars collectibles for this character from life size figures with Sideshow Collectibles and Hot […]

The Mandalorian Funko Pops Wave 2

Baby Yoda, Yaoyorozu, Yanick Paquette, The Daily LITG, May 1st 2020

These are strange times, but The Daily LITG is becoming a valuable way to quantify just what comic book geek culture is up to in this time of trial. Also, to celebrate the latest Baby Yoda products for these dark, dark times. Welcome all, to the daily Lying In The Gutters a long-running run around […]

The Mandalorian Funko Pops Wave 2

Funko Announces More Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian Pop Vinyls

The Mandalorian has been a huge success since it's Fall debut in 2019. The show has opened the eyes to fans and non-fans of the expanded universe of Star Wars. After the show's debut, collectors and fans were swept off their feet from the cuteness that is The Child (Baby Yoda). This adorable creature was […]

Hot Toys Scout Trooper from The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian Scout Troopers Catch The Child with Hot Toys

All fans are dealing with remission from The Mandalorian and hopefully season 2 can arrive with no delays. Hot Toys is trying to ease that wait as they give us two new Star Wars figure sets. As seen from the final episode, members of the Empire are still around and some Scout Troopers have been […]

How to Draw The Child | Let's Draw Star Wars

Learn To Draw Your Very Own Baby Yoda With Lucasfilm

Baby Yoda took over the world last fall after debuting in The Mandalorian. The toys were an instant sellout, the character became one of the most-shared memes on social media, and is just the most adorable thing ever. Lucasfilm understands our insatiable need for content featuring "The Child." With that in mind, and during the […] (2)

"The Mandalorian" and The Child Getting S.H. Figuarts Figures

The hit live-action Star Wars show, The Mandalorian, continues to impress and the collectibles are not stopping anytime soon. This time Tamashii Nations is taking their turn and bringing us not one but two characters from the hit Disney + show. Coming out of their S.H. Figuarts figure line, The Mandalorian and The Child (also […]


Life-Size The Child Announced by Hot Toys

The Mandalorian Season 1 might have ended but that is not stopping fans from obsessing over The Child. Also known as Baby Yoda, this new adorable pal is sweeping the nation and now Hot Toys is also bringing him to life. This life size collectible is really something else and with super realistic detail and a […]

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"The Mandalorian" Season 2: Michael Biehn Joins Disney+ Series [REPORT]

Disney +'s The Mandalorian is set to return for a second season in October 2020 with Jon Favreau back, and viewers counting down the days since filming wrapped. In this time of production shutdowns, self-isolation, and social distancing, it almost feels like the live-action Star Wars series actually did exist "in a galaxy far, far […]

"The Mandalorian" and The Child Finally Arrive at Hot Toy

"The Mandalorian" and The Child Finally Arrive at Hot Toys

The Mandalorian is back and this time he has a companion as Hot Toys officially announces the Mandalorian and The Child two pack. This is a figure that people will love to have as it features the Mandalorian in his new armor set. This figure is defiantly a spoiler collectible as it has references throughout the […]

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Let's Take a Look at Funko's 'The Mandalorian' Baby Yoda POP!

Baby Yoda. The Child. Whatever name you want to use, merch of the instant fan-favorite character from the Disney+ Star Wars show The Mandalorian has been highly anticipated. Most of the figures and plushes have sold out on preorder, and with the Coronavirus wreaking havoc across the globe, who knows when we will be able […]

Baby Yoda and More Toys Could be Halted Due to Coronavirus 

Baby Yoda and More Toys Could be Halted Due to Coronavirus 

This year has already been crazy with all sorts of news from Baby Yoda, and now we have some bad news. Hasbro has mentioned that major toys coming out like the long awaited Baby Yoda figures from The Mandalorian could be halted from making their way over to the United States if the virus continues to […]

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Baby Yoda is Here to Help you Make Up Some Waffles

The craziness of The Child also known as Baby Yoda is something of a legend. Not only has it make Star Wars fans excitement continue but new fans have arisen. This time we are getting something pretty interesting with GameStop. They have announced that Baby Yoda is here to enhance your breakfast experience with their […]

“The Mandalorian” Cosbaby Figures Finally Revealed by Hot Toys 

"The Mandalorian" Cosbaby Figures Finally Revealed by Hot Toys 

Spring 2020 is almost upon us and that means the market is about to be flooded with The Child aka Baby Yoda collectibles. It is no surprise everyone is obsessed with the character as the child is too adorable to even understand. Awhile ago Hot Toys told us their plans for The Mandalorian with props and more […]

Hasbro New York Toy Fair 2020 - 37 Photos of Star Wars 

Hasbro New York Toy Fair 2020 – 37 Photos of Star Wars 

Hasbro's New York Toy Fair has finally come to a close for the day. We were finally able to step away and show you all of the amazing things headed our way in all things Star Wars. The Vintage Collection and Retro figures were the stars of the show. With this year being the 40th […]

Baby Yoda Gets More Hasbro Reveals Ahead of New York Toy Fair

Baby Yoda Gets More Hasbro Reveals Ahead of New York Toy Fair

New York Toy Fair is this weekend so be prepared for a huge chunk of upcoming collectibles. It looks like Hasbro is preparing us for some of there upcoming reveals ahead of time with the lovable Baby Yoda. This character has swept the nation since his The Mandalorian appearance on the Disney+ hit show. No one […]

Hasbro Announces Two “The Mandalorian” Board Games 

Hasbro Announces Two "The Mandalorian" Board Games 

New York Toy Fair is only days away and it is no surprise that some companies can't contain some of their excitement. Hasbro is breaking down walls and ready to snag up your wallets with some of their newest collectibles involving The Child or better know as Baby Yoda. This lovable creature from The Mandalorian has stolen […]

Baby Yoda Comes to Life with New Animatronic Toys from Hasbro

Baby Yoda Comes to Life with New Animatronic Toys from Hasbro

The Baby Yoda aka The Child craze in full effect after his delightful appearance in The Mandalorian. With everyone swooning over the beloved child version of the Jedi Master everyone is rushing to create or purchase the newest collectible of it. This time Hasbro has announced a couple of new Baby Yoda collectibles prior to the […]

Baby Yoda Tiki Mug Available for Preorder Now at Toynk Toys

Baby Yoda Tiki Mug Available for Preorder Now at Toynk Toys

Baby Yoda fever is predictably now coming to Tiki Mugs. Available now for preorder is an adorable Tiki Mug of The Child. The mug will hold 16 oz. of your favorite liquid, or none at all if you are like me and just stick these things on a shelf to look at. Baby Yoda also […]

Baby Yoda Will Be Bringing the Force to Build-A-Bear Soon

Hot Toys Announce Baby Yoda Collectible Will Be Coming Soon

Hot Toys is ready to bring the heat as they prepare to accommodate Star Wars fans. Sideshow Collectibles has just announced the first life size figure of the highly popular Baby Yoda aka The Child. While Sideshow is very famous for bringing us some amazing collectible they might have some competition on their hands. Hot […]