The Punisher: 10 Issues Jon Bernthal Could Have with Frank's New Logo

As many of you reading this know by now, the skull symbol that for years was associated with Marvel Comics' Frank Castle aka The Punisher has been hijacked by police officers, soldiers, folks on the weekend who think they're a "militia," and the tinfoil hat klans looking to overthrow the U.S. Government on January 6, 2021. Even the character's co-creator Gerry Conway has led a valiant effort to reclaim the symbol from those who clearly have no understanding about the character whatsoever, even launching an online "Skulls For Justice" fundraiser to also help benefit Black Lives Matter. Well, it would appear that Marvel is looking to take Frank in a different "symbolic" direction, with the upcoming 13-issue prestige series Punisher from writer Jason Aaron and artists Jesús Saiz & Paul Azaceta finding Frank's symbol now sporting horns and some seriously sharp teeth as he joins the league of assassins known as the Hand.

The Punisher – Image: Marvel Comics/Netflix

So here's what I think. For the sake of Aaron, Saiz & Azaceta's story, I think it's an excellent example of some quality design work. But as something that's supposed to instill fear and drive home the point that Frank's essentially the grim reaper who feels these folks are deserving of her permanent form of punishment? Yeah… no. Because there's nothing about it that makes me feel like it's a long-term fix. I know it's shocking to think that Marvel or DC would do some big change only to change things back in 6-12 months, but then again there's always room for a first (or a 931st). But more than that? From my obsessive TV brain's standpoint, I couldn't help but wonder what Jon Bernthal is thinking about the new logo. I mean, he played Frank Castle in Netflix's popular series and has expressed interest in returning to the role as his previous co-stars Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio are doing.

Except he said he would return if the project "did right" by what Frank is all about, so would a change in logo to what we're looking at above be a game-changer? To be clear, Bernthal can make anything look frightening… but that said? We couldn't help but have a little fun with the things Bernthal might have issues with when it comes to the logo. Could he love it? Could he hate it? Could he be all out of s**ts, f**ks, and rat's asses to give about the whole thing? Who knows? But in the "Pop Culture Pantheon" that runs my brain, I imagine Bernthal running down a list of things that the symbol reminded him of besides Frank Castle. Why are we doing this? Because otherwise, my brain starts getting righteously pissed that we lose an effective symbol because of the ignorantly hateful. So for a sense of "namaste," we joke because we love! Like…

Frank Castle: Vigilante Matador

Frank Castle: Killer of Criminal Bulls

Frank Castle: Cheerleader for Houston Texans After Team Logo Makeover.

Frank Castle: Hot Topic Regional Manager Trying to Fit In While Helping Get Local Branch Up-to-Speed

Frank Castle: Korn Fan Waking Up Three Days After State Fair Concert

Frank Castle: Online Turquoise Jewelry Maker Based Out of New Mexico

Frank Castle: Jean-Claude Van Damme's Third Round Opponent in "Bloodsport"

Frank Castle: Slightly-More-Difficult-to-Kill "Streets of Rage 2" Big Bad

Frank Castle: Fantasy Football Commissioner Who Takes Things Way Too Seriously

Frank Castle: Guy Who Wears Shirt with Same Tattoo Design as On His Back or Leg [Ed.: Now hold on!]

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