The Sandman: Neil Gaiman Teases Season 2; Dream/Death Deleted Scene

Heading into this weekend's 2022 CCXP in Brazil, we knew that Neil Gaiman's The Sandman would be on tap to thank the fans for all of their support in helping them secure a second season. That meant that even though he couldn't be there in person, Gaiman was going to make sure that those in attendance knew how much the love meant via a video screened during the panel- the same video we have waiting for you below. In the clip below, Gaiman promises a second season where Delirium will appear, as well as lots of butterflies, balloons, magic, and… chicken & telephone-flavored ice cream? Also, in case you feel like being jealous? The panel also screened a deleted scene between Dream (Tom Sturridge) and Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) where Death reveals that she broke her routine and took a day to feel what it was like to be alive and how she went at herself when the moment of her death arrived. We hope you like the description because Gaiman also said that the clip was con-exclusive (for now?).

the sandman
The Sandman. Writer Neil Gaiman on the set of The Sandman. Cr. Ekua King/Netflix © 2022

Here's a look at Gaiman's video message that was screened during today's Netflix session at CCXP 2022:

As the festive vibes continue over the news that Netflix's The Sandman would be back for a second season, we checked in with Gaiman when he shared his thoughts on two key topics. During an interview with Inverse (alongside executive producer Allen Heinberg), Gaiman explained that he couldn't bring over from the comics to the television series. Following that, the comic book creator shared his favorite scene from the streaming series. Well, at least at that moment. Here's a look at what Gaiman had to offer on both fronts…

THE SANDMAN (Image: Netflix)

"I would have loved to have been able to just bring a little more of Kelly Jones' art style into 'Calliope,' a little more of Mike Dringenberg's into 'The Doll's House.' We barely managed to get Kelly Jones' art style into 'Dream of a Thousand Cats,' and that's animated," Gaiman shared, addressing the specific comic book art styles they wish they could've incorporated more. "That's the one thing that I look at and just go, 'I wish we could bring some of that kind of look.' But you can't because these are real people, and this is really being shot on film. And it's also kind of necessary that one episode looks at least more or less like another episode." As for his favorite scene from the season, that continues to be a "work in progress" for Gaiman, but he does have an answer at the moment. "Mine actually changes, which I find interesting. It's not as static as one would expect. It's moved through Episode 5 to Episode 6 to Episode 4 a couple of times." Gaiman explained. "I think the last time I answered this question, I said it was Stephen Fry's final scene in Episode 10. There's something incredibly moving and heartbreaking and just gentle, and you also realize what an astonishing actor Stephen Fry is. And you get our VFX team to do magic, and you get Tom Sturridge. The whole end of Episode 10 might be my favorite, at least right now."

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