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The Walking Dead S10E19: 15 Spoiler-Free Thoughts on "One More"

Welcome back to another weekend of AMC's The Walking Dead, with Season 10C going two-for-two with "Home Sweet Home' and "Find Me"- which brings us to this week's chapter. Written by Erik Mountain and Jim Barnes, and directed by Laura Belsey, "One More" finds Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) searching for food and supplies to bring back to Alexandria with the aid of Maggie's map. Finding their faith strained and their optimism fragmented, Gabriel and Aaron are burnt out, desperate, and near a point that there may be no going back from. Will Robert Patrick's Mays have the answer they need- or will he prove the final straw before our heroes break?

The Walking Dead S10E19: 15 Spoiler-Free Thoughts on "One More"
The Walking Dead: Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

As will be the case the whole season, AMC+ subscribers will be getting their hands on the episode early (on Thursday) while the formal premiere happens on Sunday nights over on the cable side. So to be fair, what we're doing is offering a SPOILER-FREE quick rundown of 15 things that went off in our heads while we were watching the episode. If there's something too juicy to be able to work some word magic around, we'll be honest and drop in one of these: [SPOILER]– and if it's a good quote then you can be assured that we will offer absolutely no context whatsoever. On Sunday night, we'll go live with a fleshed-out, spoiler-filled review.

Okay, let's start by saying that you might find some of these a little "vague" but trust us when we say that will make so much more sense when you see it (or if you've seen it already). The reason why we're throwing out the heads-up is that there is a lot of "Oh. S**t." moments that really can't be described without serious spoilers. But as we said, it will all make sense when you see the episode that reportedly we're calling the best of the "extra" episodes so far (but we can neither confirm nor deny this).

1) It's both sad and scary just how matter-of-fact walker-killing has become for Aaron and Gabriel- almost like "clockwork" in a way.

2) We're guessing that Aaron didn't appreciate the "arm-ony" of the situation (forced pun alert).

3) Tragically, saving comes too late for some.

4) "Muddy-Buddy" moment followed by Mother Nature adding her two cents feels very Job-like.

5) "That was quite the scream."

6) Apparently, Beanie Babies join Twinkies and cockroaches as surviving an apocalypse.

7) Not to be too rude, but we're guessing the dead eye gives Gabriel a poker face advantage.

the walking dead
The Walking Dead: Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

8) Gabriel's story to Aaron tells us more about Gabriel than we got the first several seasons he was on the show, and Gilliam sells it in a way that should get folks talking.

9) "That's how I know a lot about things."

10) "Enlightenment."

11) Ummm… anyone see The Deer Hunter or even It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode "Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass"? Yeah…

12) "You have to remember who you were."

13) Looks like hope saves… OH. S**T. Wow. We're pretty sure we made the same face [SPOILER] did. Damn.

14) And then it's time to head upstairs, where things get a little "southern gothic."

15) "One more."

So there you have it- our 15 thoughts on the next chapter of AMC's The Walking Dead. Don't forget to check us out Sunday night when we drop our full review of "One More."

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