Tiger King Goes Extra with One More Round of Joe Exotic Drama

In what can only be seen as a true blessing from the streaming "Powers That Be," Netflix is giving us more of that gift that keeps on giving: Tiger King. According to Jeff Lowe, one of the many big cat collectors on Tiger King, Netflix is filming one more episode for the enthralling series. If you haven't watched arguably one of the best docuseries to come out of Netflix in years, you're missing out.

tiger king

As of now we don't know if this will be a follow up or a reunion, but I can guarantee we'll get more weird moments. The 7 episode series dropped on Netflix on March 20th, right when the US started to hunker down during its home lockdowns. It became an overnight hit, with a 97% critics rating and 96% viewers rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


The exploits of big cat collectors is just the tip of the ice burg with this series. There's murder, love, betrayal, costume changes, loss, and more. On top of that — almost 97% of the people in this series are downright awful. I've rewatched this series at least 3 times now, and each time I find something new and so unexplainably stupid that I have to take several hours just to digest the thing.

The show has also created some of the best memes and Facebook groups. Groups calling for Joe Exotic to be set free, or groups in support of Carole Baskins. It's created a rather hilarious divide between people, but you know what? This is exactly what we need right now. We need this absurd escape into the even more absurd world of shady big cat collectors.

To find out why it's more than just the guiltiest-of-guilty pleasure, you can read my thoughts here, but let me know yours. Did you enjoy Tiger King? Hate it? Run the full specturm of emotions? Have a meme you want to share with us? Bare your souls in the comments below.

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