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Trial In The Outback: True Crime Docu-Series Has A Sundance Debut
True crime is headed to Sundance Now with a look into a child's death & the debate over a mother's innocence or guilt in an upcoming three-episode docuseries Lindy Chamberlain made headlines in 1980 when she claimed a dingo had killed her 9-week-old baby in the Australian outback With little evidence, Chamberlain was convicted of[...]
Murder & Co. Subscription Box Kickstarter Campaign Now Underway
Murder & Co., a small company founded by three women who adore true crime and murder mystery games, has launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to spread their love of the games they played during the COVID-19 pandemic's lockdown The subscription boxes they are aiming to have crowdfunded this month are specially curated and[...]
ThinkFun's Cold Case: A Story To Die For Preorders Begin May 18th
Have you ever wanted to solve a real murder case, but was stuck inside due to the pandemic, no car, or a general lack of credentials in solving crime? So have we, which is why we are super excited for the next upcoming release from ThinkFun and Ravensburger! Cold Case: A Story To Die For will[...]
Descend Into Darkness With The Sons Of Sam Trailer From Netflix
Looking deeper at this horrific set of events, Netflix is digging into true crime cases and gathering a wider audience in doing so. An upcoming true-crime docuseries from Netflix seeks answers to the crimes of the "Son of Sam," David Berkowitz, and whether more people were involved The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness,[...]
The hosts of Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, Alaina Urquhart and Ashleigh "Ash" Kelley have been going strong for over 200 episodes of scary stories and intriguing investigation of true crime cases The unique perspectives of both hosts combined with their humble and respectful approach to victim-advocacy are what makes each episode of the podcast so[...]
The Rookie S03 Goes "True Crime": Rainn Wilson, Celebrity Cults & More
Add to that Malcolm in the Middle's Frankie Muniz, Rainn Wilson playing himself, and the mummy of Charlie Chaplin, and you have the making of this week's episode- as well as this week's preview for "True Crime": (ABC/Raymond Liu) DOUG SAVANT, NATHAN FILLION (ABC/Raymond Liu) DOUG SAVANT (ABC/Raymond Liu) LIZZE BROADWAY, NATHAN FILLION (ABC/Raymond Liu) DOUG SAVANT (ABC/Raymond Liu) NATHAN[...]
Tell Me Your Secrets: This Amazon Series Has Hints Of Potential
The recent release of the original dramatic series Tell Me Your Secrets, on Amazon Prime Video, shows that the streaming platform has potential in true crime yet has some hurdles to get over first The pilot involves multiple themes from the dramatic ups and downs of witness protection to victim advocacy. Lily Rabe, one of the main[...]
Devil In Disguise: John Wayne Gacy Peacock Docu-Series Trailer Is Here
True crime documentaries, especially related to specific serial killers, can be hit or miss Interviews, including one with his second ex-wife, are to be included in the series Rod Blackhurst, known for his work on the Amanda Knox doc, is producing for Peacock on this project We'll see if they not only do the victims[...]
A Well Done True Crime Deep Dive On Elisa Lam By Netflix: Review
It can be difficult to cover an average case involving any sort of true crime, but adding in a setting with so much true crime history in itself is a whole other story The integration of an online narrative of the investigation alongside interviews is what gives the series a push in the right direction[...]
Netflix Trailer Looks Inside The Cecil Hotel In A Shocking New Series
The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, CA, has been the subject of many mysteries as it stands tall in the city of angels, but there's a recent case that still baffles those intrigued by true crime Once it was announced that Netflix would be taking on this case, that of the vanishing of Elisa Lam, many[...]
'In With The Devil' Gets An Apple TV+ Adaptation With Taron Edgerton
The biographical true crime novel, In with the Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption by Hillel Levin and James Keene, is headed to television thanks to Apple TV+ The adaptation of this book will include a favorite name in the film, Taron Edgerton, who received recent critical praise for lead acting[...]
'Night Stalker' Netflix Series Gave Audiences Glimpse At Evil: Review
True crime-related podcasts, films, and more aren't meant for everyone- and that's a good thing. Cover image for Night Stalker docuseries Source: Netflix Personally, I look for and am interested in the psychological and justice-seeking portions of these stories Interviewing such individuals that experienced the terror brought on by the killings, sexual assaults, and more are vital[...]