Walker Season 1 Preview: Cordell's World Is About to Change Forever

With only hours to go before viewers saddle up to check out the season-opener of The CW and Jared Padalecki's Walker, the network is offering another look into Cordell Walker's (Padalecki) tragic backstory and his efforts to turn his life around. Up to this point, the modern take on the original CBS' Chuck Norris-starring series has introduced us to the friends, family, and potential foes that make up Cordell's world as he looks to make some changes in his life that will bring him closer to his remaining family and friends. But Cordell won't be able to fully move on until he gets to the truth behind his wife's (Genevieve Padalecki) death. Unfortunately, some of the folks we've met so far may have their reasons for that truth to stay buried.

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In this newly-released sneak preview, it looks like we're witnessing the final moments between Cordell and his wife before tragedy strikes- changing Cordell's life forever. Following that, a look at the season trailer and overview for The CW's Walker, premiere this Thursday, January 21:

The CW's Walker is a reimagining of the long-running series "Walker, Texas Ranger," stars Jared Padalecki ("Supernatural") as Cordell Walker, a widower and father of two with his own moral code, who returns home to Austin after being undercover for two years, only to discover there's harder work to be done at home. He'll attempt to reconnect with his creative and thoughtful son (Kale Culley, "Me, Myself and I") and his headstrong, somewhat rebellious teenaged daughter (Violet Brinson, "Sharp Objects") and navigate clashes with his family – an ADA brother (Keegan Allen, "Pretty Little Liars") who stepped in during Walker's absence, his perceptive mother (Molly Hagen, "Herman's Head") and his traditional rancher father (Mitch Pileggi, "The X-Files").

Walker's former colleague is now his Ranger Captain, (Coby Bell, "The Game"). Walker finds unexpected common ground with his new partner (one of the first women in Texas Rangers' history) played by Lindsey Morgan ("The 100"), while growing increasingly suspicious about the circumstances surrounding his wife's death. The show also stars Jeff Pierre as Trey Barnett.

The CW's Walker also stars Lindsey Morgan (The 100), Keegan Allen (Pretty Little Liars), Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files), Molly Hagen (Law & Order: True Crime), Coby Bell (The Gifted), Jeff Pierre (9-1-1, Beyond), Violet Brinson (Sharp Objects), Kale Culley (Me, Myself and I), Genevieve Padalecki (Supernatural), Odette Annable (Supergirl), Chris Labadie (Nightmare Smile), Matt Barr (Valor, Hellcats), and Jeffrey Nordling (Big Little Lies). The CW series is written and executive produced by Anna Fricke (Being Human, Valor), and executive produced by Dan Lin, Lindsay Liberatore, and Padalecki. CBS Television Studios handles production, in association with Rideback.

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