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When The CW's Walker returns on October 28th, it will kick off a second season that will be the home to a serious Supernatural reunion Fresh off of filming the third season of Amazon's The Boys, Jensen Ackles is set to join his on-screen brother-in-arms Jared Padalecki to direct the seventh episode of the season[...]
Heels star Stephen Amell and Walker star Jared Padalecki aren't exactly starring in series that folks will tend to get confused, with the former a pro-wrestling drama on STARZ while the latter is a modern Western drama-actioner on The CW Ahhh… but it's those two letters at the end there that establishes the bond of[...]
For Padalecki, it's The CW's Walker (set to return this October for a second season); for Ackles, it's his highly-anticipated turn as Soldier Boy for The Boys that had folks stalking social media just to get a first look at his costume And yet, a little rolling back of the clock every now and then isn't[...]
With The CW's Jared Padalecki-starring Walker ready to rustle up a second season this fall, we're learning one of the new faces that will be joining the cast Deadline Hollywood first reported that Dave Annable (What/If) has been tapped for a recurring role. Annable's Dan Miller is Denise's husband Brimming with bravado Dan is fiercely loyal[...]
Walker Season 1 Finale "Drive" Preview: For Cordell, This Ends Tonight
Well, The CW's Walker definitely knows how to build up the tension heading into its first season finale After a season filled with attempts by Cordell (Jared Padalecki) to get a fresh start with his life, the truth about his wife's murder is about to be revealed But this time, it's the whole truth and[...]
Transgender Teen In Search Of A Monster- Clive Hawkins' OGN Walker 
Walker is a new debut YA graphic novel by cartoonist and trans comic book creator Clive Hawken, about a transgender teenager who hits the road in search of a monster Though it doesn't attract the same attention as Mothman or Sasquatch, the "Plains Walker" is a legendary cryptid, feared and beloved in its own right;[...]
Walker Season 1 E17 "Dig" a Supernatural Reunion for Jared Padalecki 2 CM Punk Wrestling Return Confirmed: New Name, Look & Manager (Image) 1 Community: Joel McHale Talks Working with Chevy Chase; Chase Leaving Image: Shutterstock.com Now here's a look at the five articles that nearly made the cut, in no particular order- Star Trek: Picard nearly had two[...]
Walker Season 1 E17 "Dig" a Supernatural Reunion for Jared Padalecki
Now, this is nothing personal against "Dig" writers Seamus Kevin Fahey & Anna Fricke because this week's episode of The CW's Walker actually had us at the overview When you have Cordell (Jared Padalecki) and Micki (Lindsey Morgan) doing an investigative deep-dive into who was behind a bomb threat at the school aimed at Liam (Keegan[...]
Walker Season 1 E16 Preview: A Few "Bad Apples" Prove Quite Deadly
Considering all that's happened over the past few weeks, it only makes sense that the folks on The CW's Walker would need some time for a breather But this Thursday, Cordell (Jared Padalecki) and the gang are back with the focus shifting to Captain James (Coby Bell) In "Bad Apples", an investigation by James, Micki (Lindsey[...]
Walker Season 1 Episode 15 Preview: Liam's Worried About Cordell
As Jared Padalecki's Cordell looks to make things right for himself and those around him since the trauma and loss they suffered a few weeks back, tonight's episode of The CW's Walker finds him in way over his head as he tries to help Micki (Lindsey Morgan) make peace with her mother (Leticia Jimenez) Meanwhile,[...]
Earlier today, we shared a preview for tonight's episode of The CW's Walker that finds Cordell (Jared Padalecki) dealing with two huge personal losses Feeling he needs to make a drastic change to his life, Cordell takes a leave of absence to re-evaluate his life and share some rough news with Stella (Violet Brinson) and August[...]
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Though last week's episode of The CW's Walker wasn't the season finale (the series was picked up for additional episodes earlier), it had all of the makings of one as Cordell (Jared Padalecki) suffered a second huge personal loss- one with its own "guilt baggage" to go along with it But it's not just Cordell[...]