WWE Legend Hardcore Holly Talks Hardcore Matches, 24/7 Championship

Prior to WWE's Extreme Rules PPV last weekend, WWE legend Hardcore Holly appeared on WWE's The Bump podcast to discuss his career. Holly got to talking about some of his favorite matches, including a match for the Hardcore Championship at the 1999 Valentine's Day Massacre PPV against Al Snow.


"I wouldn't change a damn thing about it," Holly said of the match. "I loved it. Al's actually the one that came up with most of the concept for that match. I give him credit for a lot of those ideas. That actually is one of my all-time favorite matches, and I wouldn't change anything about that. I do think we should have spent a little more time in the river even though it was freezing cold."

Another memorable match of Holly's was his bout with Rob Van Dam at Extreme Rules 2006. During the match, Holly ended up with a huge gash on his back as a result of going through a table. However, Holly still remembers it as one of his favorite matches.

"Mississippi River and that match I had with Rob are probably my two favorites of all time," Holly said. "I loved working with Rob. I absolutely loved working with him. Actually, when I went through the table, and we broke that table, it felt like somebody had slapped me on my back. Like if you had a sunburn and somebody slapped you. I was like, what in the hell is this? Why does it hurt so bad?"

Despite the injury, Holly carried on with the match. "I had been laying there a little while, and through my head, I thought, I can't sit here any longer," he said. "So I rolled over onto all fours, and I saw this big puddle of blood on the floor. I was like, what in the hell is that from? And then I saw all the blood coming down my side. I was like, holy hell, what the hell did I just do? And as I got up to my feet, I saw in the corner of my eye the Titantron, and they had a nice closeup of it. I saw that, and I could not believe my eyes. But I figure, I'm walking, I can finish the match. But actually, I think that added to the dynamic of the match. I thought it was an incredible match in my opinion and I hope everybody did too. From the response I got afterward, I got a standing ovation, and even though I lost the match to Rob, the fans just appreciated the hard work."

Holly also fondly remembered his friend and tag team partner, Crash Holly, who passed away in 2003 from suicide. "Everything we did is a favorite memory because he was a very entertaining guy," Holly said. "He was always trying to please me in the ring and everything. I just found him very comical. I think the whole dynamic between him and I fit really well. Typical family members fight a lot of times. It fit our personas perfectly, I thought. And it gave Hardcore Holly another lifeline to continue on in storylines. It just added to it."

The legacy of the Hardcore Championship has continued, in some ways, at least, with WWE's 24/7 title. Just as Hardcore Holly is practically synonymous with the Hardcord title, current WWE superstar R-Truth is synonymous with the 24/7 belt. According to holly, who did look to be in great shape, he can still go and wouldn't be against challenging R-Truth for the title.

"I think that we could make it happen because let me tell you something: I can still go. I might be a lot older, but I'm still in shape," Holly said. "I've always kept myself in shape, and I can still go. I love R-Truth, but you know what, when it comes to that belt, friendship goes out the window."

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