Supergirl Adds Maxima To DC's LGBT List

Maxima was a Superman character created by Roger Stern and George Pérez.

Originally she was created as a warrior alien princess insistent on finding a mate on Earth, with Superman in her sights, and repeated unsuccessful attempts to woo him.


She was reintroduced to the New 52 DC Universe relatively, as a student of cosmic academy The Crucible but her motivations and experience seem very different.

Supergirl #37 (2015) - Page 4

And she is escaping her culture's demands for her to find a mate, instead, at home or abroad.

Supergirl #37 (2015) - Page 13

K Perkins, current author of Supergirl, which published its final issue last week, wrote writes,

issue #40 is out & the the book is coming to an end – but really happy i got to have this moment. there needs to be more characters of diverse backgrounds, including LGBT ones, in mainstream media. (out &) proud to be a part of positive social change AND a f—ing awesome team that's pushing us forward with epic storytelling, phenomenal

That moment would be this one.

Supergirl V6 #40 (2015) - Page 17

And while Supergirl is ending, odds are Maxima will find a way back soon…


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