Where’s My Biopic? Director Dorothy Arzner [OPINION]

Where's My Biopic? Director Dorothy Arzner [OPINION]

When it comes to pioneers of Hollywood, one of the biggest unsung heroes is Dorothy Arzner. She is the first female director in the Hollywood system also having a hand at editing and writing. Despite having only 20 films to her credit, Arzner launched the careers of some of the industry's most talented actors. Natural […]

ComiXology Pride Month

Celebrate Pride Month With ComiXology

Well, there's not much Pride Month left for 2017, but ComiXology have the perfect deal to help you celebrate the last few days of LGBTQ+ acceptance, remembrance and excellence with a special Pride sale on various indie LGBTQ books and titles. You have until the end of June to take advantage of this incredible sale, […]

Up-And-Coming LGBTQ Creators To Watch This Pride Month

It's Pride Month, and we here at Bleeding Cool have covered the discussions, conflicts, and LGBTQ creators and projects that we found inspiring to date. But what of the new and rising LGBTQ voices in comics now? Which creators do we think are going to be making waves in the time to come? Well, here […]

The Babadook Leaves The World Babashook In First Pride Appearances

The Babadook is a gay icon now. Okay, took me a while to understand this one, but now I am fully behind it. Stemming from a hilarious mistake on Netflix's part, when they wrongly categorised the film as LGBT interest in late 2016, Jennifer Kent's The Babadook slowly built as a meme on the likes […]

One Of The Power Rangers Is Gay

Respectfully, we informed you of this at an earlier juncture, if you were one of the readers who found our intensive Power Rangers movie spoiler-post over two weeks ago. Beware clicking that link, as the article does contain massive spoilers for the whole movie, so you have been warned. At any rate, one of the […]

Exclusive Extended Preview Of That Lesbian Viking Comic, Heathen, And More

You know you want to read this lesbian viking comic, you do, you do… pic.twitter.com/XX74foNOAx — Natasha Alterici (@Alterici) December 11, 2016 Vault Comics are part of Diamond Comic Distributor's Final Order Cut-Off scheme, which allows retailers to increase or decrease their orders closer to the date of publication. And today is Vault Comics' first […]

Tales From The Four Color Closet: One Week After Orlando

By Joe Glass A week ago saw the worst mass shooting in American history. To date. I'm sad that I feel I need to add that last bit, but frankly, the phrase 'worst mass shooting in American history' is becoming all too frequently uttered. It was an act of absolute terror. But it was also […]

One Million Moms Demand TJ Maxx Pull Ads Over Once Upon A Time's Kiss

Media pressure group One Million Moms (with a membership estimated to be slightly smaller than that) have reacted strongly to this week's episode of Once Upon A Time.. And they handily include this screencap so you can see what all the fuss is about They demand as a result that their members contact TJ Maxx […]

When Secret Wars: Secret Love Lost Its Lesbians

Secret Wars is Marvel Comics big event crossover for the summer. Lots of titles cancelled and replaced by books set on the Battleworld, made of of various different parallel dimensional realities. So lots of different versions of familiar – and unfamiliar – Marvel characters living side by side, ruled over by the God Doom. And it's […]

SDCC '15: LGBTQ Geek Year in Review

By Joe Glass Hosted again by LGBTQ comics non-profit, Prism Comics, this is the second in the annual Geek Year in Review panels they've held at San Diego Comic Con. A fun panel discussing the LGBTQ related geek news that broke into mass media, it was hosted by Prism Comics board member and creator of […]

The Wonder Woman Of 3001 Returns To Her Roots

You can read this week's free June Previews for yourself free on ComiXology – register here and then click here. And see more of our DC June Previews coverage here. Wonder Woman grew up on Paradise Island, a land without men. Over the years that has been given many lesbian readings, as you may expect, both […]

Supergirl Adds Maxima To DC's LGBT List

Maxima was a Superman character created by Roger Stern and George Pérez. Originally she was created as a warrior alien princess insistent on finding a mate on Earth, with Superman in her sights, and repeated unsuccessful attempts to woo him. She was reintroduced to the New 52 DC Universe relatively, as a student of cosmic academy The Crucible but […]

Lesbian Vampire Trope Alive And Kicking Five Years Later In Batwoman

Lesbian vampires. It comes with the territory. TV Tropes tells us, She's got the raven-black hair, the tight leather bodice, the pale skin, and the fangs. The one thing this sexy vampiress doesn't have is a lust for hot male blood. No, only the blood of an innocent young woman will do. And lucky for […]

And Now America's Typical Teenage Girl Is Gay, Thanks To Archie Comics

Okay, so this is from Afterlife With Archie #2. It's a big zombie attack, it's for teenage readers, it's separated from the main Archie titles. You're not going to find Ethel turning up in the main Archie Comics as a thrice dead corpse. But, as for Ginger and Nancy…. Once you reveal that they are […]

Grace Randolph On Batwoman And Harley Quinn – DC's Sex Scandals Reviewed

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sfMe7CnDiU[/youtube] Grace Randolph writes; DC Comics finds itself once again in a scandal with its female characters! I share my thoughts on Batwoman being denied the right to marry Maggie Sawyer in what would be comics first high profile lesbian wedding, as well as the contest for the new Harley Quinn solo titles that asks […]