Check Out The Alternate Cut Of 'Days Gone' On PS4

Days Gone was one of the more impressive looking titles to be shown at the PlayStation presentation before E3 kicked off this year. Putting you in a third-person survival horror game of what looks like a mountain dweller's nightmare as warring camps try to make it in a world with some ravenous thing that's taken over people and animals. The trailer/demo we got to see looked pretty cool, but apaprently, it wasn't the only official cut being planned to be shown.

credit//SIE Bend Studio

SIE Bend Studios have released an alternative 11-minute clip to Days Gone that puts a very different spin on what's happening compared to the first clip you got to see. First, the weather and terrain have been changed to that of a snowy mountainous country that's somewhere between fall and winter, rather than summer. Right out the gate, the main character Deacon doesn't get hit by a trap, and instead, makes his way around it throughout the forest to go save his friend.

There's a lot of other changes that are too good to spoil here. Take a good 12-minte break from whatever you're doing and watch it as you'll see a lot of noticeable changes, many of which you can see why this wasn't used for the E3 showcase.

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