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Seagate Reveals God Of War Ragnarök PlayStation HDD
This specially designed version with artwork representative of the latest entry in the series on a purple background will work with both PS4 and PS5 consoles, providing players with a 2TB storage device that works quickly with their console The storage devices has officially been released today, as we have more info from the company[...]
Sony's June 2022 State Of Play Comes With Multiple Surprises
The cliff notes for today are that we finally got to see the remake for Resident Evil 4, which is on the way for both PS4 and PS5, as well as PSVR 2 Four other games announced for PSVR 2 include Resident Evil 8, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, No Man's Sky, and Horizon[...]
Bloomberg is reporting that Sony Group Corp., the parent company to Sony Interactive Entertainment, has made the decision to start mass-producing PS4 units throughout 2022 as a way to get some kind of PlayStation unit out on the market since they cannot get PS5 units on the shelves Here's a snippet from the article. Editorial credit:[...]
PlayStation Plus Reveals January 2022 Games Lineup
Meaning all of the games available in December will cease on Friday night in case you haven't had a chance to get them. The three games coming to PlayStation Plus in January 2022, courtesy of Sony. Dirt 5 (PS4/PS5): Dirt 5 is a fun, amplified, off-road arcade racing experience created by Codemasters Blaze a trail on routes[...]
Ratchet & Clank Are Coming To PlayStation Versions Of Rocket League
Both characters have been added to the game today as a special bundle for those who own a PS4 or PS5, as you can snag special skins for both the orange and blue sides You'll also see special toppers, boost trails, decals, and more that you can add to your cars to show off your[...]
Sony Interactive Entertainment Announces New Discord Partnership
Sony Interactive Entertainment has formed a new multi-year partnership with Discord for both the PS4 and PS5 The announcement was made today on the SIE Blog by President and CEO Jim Ryan, and while the company didn't go into too many specifics or reveal any hard details about the partnership, we do know the plan[...]
Bleach: Brave Souls Makes Its Way Over To The PS4
announced this morning that they'll be bringing their hit anime mobile title Bleach: Brave Souls over to the PS4 The game has over 55 million downloads across iOS and Android, bringing the popular anime series to a new audience with an interactive story and fun challenges Now PS4 players will get to experience the game[...]
UnderMine Is Coming To PS4 & PS5 On March 30th
Thorium revealed this week that they will be releasing UnderMine this week for both the PS4 and the PS5 The game has already been out on other platforms for several months now, but the devs are bringing it over with backward compatibility for the next-gen console It appears this version of the game will be[...]
Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart Of The Forest Launches October 13th
Now you'll be able to experience the game on PS4 and Xbox One, with backward compatibility for both next-gen consoles, as the game will drop on both on February 24th, 2021 You can check out how the game will look and play on consoles with the trailer below. Experience the story from your home console later[...]
Auto Draft
This month will have a pretty decent lineup as you're getting the PS5 version of Maneater, while the main two PS4 games available to everyone will be Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and Greedfall It should probably go without saying that only PS5 players can get the first one and will have the ability to[...]
PowerA Releases The Fusion Pro Wireless Controller For PS4
PowerA has released a brand new version of their Fusion Pro Wireless Controller, only this version will be for the PS4 The design is a great upgrade for those who aren't able to pay for or get ahold of a PS5 yet, and also feels like a regular controller instead of Sony's regular design You[...]
New Class Guardian Arrives On Black Desert For Console
Pearl Abyss dropped a new update into Black Desert for PS4 and Xbox One today as the Guardian class has officially come to the game The character operates much the same as she does on PC, dawning a great battleax and a hefty shield that make them the perfect taking character for any situation The[...]
Black Desert Introduces Succession To PS4 & Xbox One
Pearl Abyss has brought a new update to Black Desert on both the PS4 and Xbox One, as players can take part in Succession If you're not familiar with this in the game, this will gives you the ability to lay down your Awakening weapon and take up your original weapon now bestowed with new[...]
Annapurna Interactive Will Release Multiple Physical PS4 Box Sets
Annapurna Interactive revealed this week they will be releasing eight of their titles in a physical format for the PS4, including a limited edition Together with iam8bit, they will be releasing a one-of-a-kind package set of eight popular titles within their collection This special luxe box set will include Donut County, Kentucky Route Zero: TV[...]
Bohemia Interactive Announces Vigor Coming To PS4 & PS5
Bohemia Interactive revealed this morning that they will be bringing their indie hit Vigor to both the PS4 and the PS5 The game is currently in its 4th season of gameplay, and doing well on both PC and the Nintendo Switch Now PlayStation owners will be able to experience the game shortly as the developers[...]
13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Is Now Up For Pre-Order
Now those of us in the west will be able to experience it next month as a PS4 exclusive The game will have you playing as students in an alternate version of the 1980's as you'll be piloting mechs to fight off kaiju who have become increasingly violent You know, like you do between biology[...]
Mondo Music Releases This Week: Ghosts Of Tsushima, Sette Note In Nero
This week sees the release of the soundtrack to the film Sette Note in Nero and the soundtrack to the hit PS4 game Ghosts Of Tsushima Both will be on sale this coming Wednesday on the Mondo Shop, and both will probably sell out You can see them below. Mondo New Releases July 29th Mondo Ghosts Of[...]
Where The Heart Is Will Be Released For PS4 This Winter
Armature Studio revealed this week that their upcoming game, Where The Heart Is, will be coming to the PS4 as an exclusive this Winter The game has been put together by a group of industry vets who came together under the studio's banner to create a different kind of gaming experience where the choices you[...]
Annapurna Interactive Announces Maquette Is Coming To The PS5
With the game headed to the PS5 (as well as the PS4), we can assume we probably won't be seeing much of it until 2021 For now, here's a snippet from the PSBlog of the devs talking about the game. Maquette finds a home on the PS4 and PS5, as well as PC Courtesy of Annapurna[...]
Star Wars Episode l Racer Anakin
After being delayed due to COVID-19, Aspyr has finally revealed the new release date for Star Wars Episode l: Racer for PS4 and Switch Clear back in March, Nintendo was the first to officially confirmed the classic Star Wars game from the N64 would be making a return to their modern-day console, but a release[...]
A New Leak Claims The PS5 Will Be Revealed In March 2020
According to a report from Eurogamer, all games made for the PS4 must be compatible with the PS5, starting on July 13th Apparently, Sony has sent off enough dev kits and other equipment and info to every company they plan to work with to make this happen, and more information will be sent to them[...]