Lying In The Gutters – 25th November 2013 – The Week Of The Doctor


Geof Darrow in the TARDIS. Would the Shaolin Cowboy make a fine War Doctor?

Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Week

  1. Fifty Thoughts About Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor
  2. The New Gay X-Man In Today's Uncanny X-Men #14
  3. Read The Script Pages Being Used In The Star Wars Open Auditions
  4. The Evil That Superior Spider-Men Do
  5. Some Awful Names That Warner Bros. Seem To Be Considering For The Superman/Batman Movie
  6. Our Thoughts Are With Joe Phillips
  7. And Now America's Typical Teenage Girl Is Gay, Thanks To Archie Comics
  8. Our Five Favourite Plot Holes From Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor
  9. Two DC Comics Find New Homes
  10. When X-23 Discovers The New Xavier School Is In The Old Weapon X Facility
  11. Sony Planning Spider-Man Spin-Offs To Get Their Own Comic Book Movie Universe
  12. Very Timely Anchorman 2 Promo: Ron Burgundy Tries To Understand Doctor Who
  13. Peter Capaldi Is The Fourteenth Doctor?
  14. Ten Things We Think We Might Possibly Know About Upcoming Doctor Who Stuff
  15. Agents Of SHIELD Will Venture Into Two-Parters, Books Some Returning Characters
  16. Rumour: Matt Smith Called In For Star Wars Episode VII
  17. Twelve Doctors – Including A War Doctor – In Next Week's Doctor Who Comic
  18. An Adventure In Space And Time Wasn't Really Working For Me, Until…
  19. First Teaser For The Doctor Who Christmas Special
  20. Seven Creative Things To Do With Deluxe Before Watchmen

And Ten You May Prefer That Have Nothing To Do With Doctor Who

  1. Thirty-Six Thoughts About Thirty-Six Comics
  2. Prologue To Thor: The Dark World Was Actually Made By The Deadpool Movie Director Tim Miller
  3. Our First Look At Stephanie Brown In The New 52
  4. Another DC Vertigo Title About To Hit Television
  5. Miracleman Book One: A Dream Of Flying Hardcover For May
  6. SCOOP: Sony Pictures Television Gives TV Pilot Development Comittment To Preacher
  7. Holding Steve Ditko's Original Art To Amazing Fantasy #15
  8. Idris Elba Says That Marvel Spoke To Him About Being Luke Cage
  9. Why Ben Templesmith Left Ten Grand And Why He's Now All About The Squidder
  10. Rumour: Matt Smith Called In For Star Wars Episode VII

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