The One Hour Hero Is Here To Save Comic Book Stores From Closing

Brian Garside is the founder of Manage Comics, subscription pull list software for comic shops, and he's dedicated his life to helping comic stores grow, survive and thrive. This post is part of his series "Managing Your Shop".

The One Hour Hero is here to save the day.

The world of retail is constantly evolving and it's becoming harder for small businesses to survive. Online and offline activity is merging, and comic stores are struggling to keep up.

In the last few years, more stores have closed than opened, and the trend seems to be continuing as retailers struggle to adapt.

There are simple things that can be done to compete, but many owners feel overwhelmed. There's so much information, much of it conflicting; it's hard to know where to start.

We looked at the problem and designed an easy-to-follow, systematic way to make small changes that will lead to huge improvements.

This is the One Hour Hero.

The One Hour Hero is a 100% free email course. It's made up of 16 individual actionable to-dos with step-by-step instructions to help you with your business.  Each task is designed to take one hour, and they will be sent once per week via email.

The One Hour Hero was built by Brian Garside, an entrepreneur who has been involved in the comics industry for more than 30 years — working in stores as a teenager, opening an online store in the 2000s, and running a successful subscription management service for stores today. In his day job as the co-owner of a boutique marketing shop, he applies digital strategies to offline businesses.

"I love comic shops, one of my favorite things to do when visiting a new city is to look up the closest comic store and visit it. In the last decade that is getting harder to do, and I don't want my kids to grow up in a world without comic shops. The One Hour Hero is a chance for me to give back to the community that has shaped so much of my life, and a chance for me to share a lifetime of knowledge gathered through years of talking to hundreds of comics retailers, and through decades of working in retail, online, and in marketing."

The One Hour Hero is available now and will begin weekly emails starting February 13th.

Retailers can sign up for the One Hour Hero online – free.

The One Hour Hero Is Here To Save Comic Book Stores From Closing

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