$300 Of Marvel Graphic Novels For $40.98, Including Shipping

Remember how every month or so, I've been demonstrating how Marvel Comics have been liquidating hundreds of different graphic novel titles and selling them to retailers for vastly reduced sums?

Well, this is where they go.

Fifteen Marvel graphic novels for $38.99 plus $1.99 shipping to the US with a $300 cover price.

All superheroes, all diferent, and containing the likes of…

  • Avengers The Initiative: Disassembled
  • Fantastic Four Visionaries
  • Iron Man: War Machine
  • Marvelman Classic Vol. 1 Premiere
  • Mighty Avengers Secret Invasion Book 1
  • X-Men Vs. Apocolypse Ages of Apocalypse
  • Iron Man: The Many Armors of Iron Man
  • Captain America: Ultimate Origins

I'd call that  decent deal wouldn't you?

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