37 Reasons Why Tomorrow is A Monster Wednesday for New Comics Day

Oh boy, here we go. Tomorrow is a Monster Wednesday for comic book stores through the direct market. Always happens for San Diego Comic-Con. Here are thirty-seven comics out tomorrow that may indicate why you might want to get to the store early. Yes, it's a listicle. I care not.

37 Reasons Why Tomorrow is A Monster Wednesday for New Comics Day

  • Captain Marvel #8. The first appearance of new character, Star. And a full appearance as well, not just a splash page reveal. Apparently, there are big plans for her at Marvel. Already selling north of $25 on eBay as pre-sales.
  • Vampirella #1. The revamp (ha ha) as it were of this classic character, with Priest as the new writer. The man is incapable of writing a bad comic and often writes some truly glorious ones.
  • Assassin Nation #1 and Little Bird #1 come to an end. Big finales.
  • The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Tempest #6. Possibly Alan Moore's final comic book, unless he returns for one last run around the medium. Certainly his last with Kevin O'Neill. And definitely the last League ever. And it intends to go out making the same headlines as it did when Harry Potter popped by. Oh and it's early, wasn't scheduled to be published till August.
  • X-Men: The Seeds Of Tomorrow. A free giveaway at comic stores, that will feature the first published in-comic appearance of a number of new comic book characters, as well as previewing the first issues of House Of X, Powers Of X and teasing Dawn Of X.
  • Aquaman #50. The marriage of Mera and… somebody.
  • Batman #75. A new Robin. But that is only the tip…
  • The Orville: New Beginnings #1. The first Orville comic book is out.
  • Immortal Hulk #21. It's Immortal Hulk. Nuff said.
  • Age Of X-Men Omega and Uncanny X-Men #22. The end of one mutant run. The beginning of another. The reunification of the teams and the handing over to the new Dawn…
  • Die Die Die gets its first collection. Somewhere for Walking Dead fans to run to…
  • Usagi Yojimbo #2. #1 was a monster for IDW. Will #2 continue that?
  • Blade Runner 2019 #1, the first canon Blade Runner comic, a sequel to the original film, written by the guy who wrote the sequel movie
  • Collapser #1 – the new Young Animal comic debuting from Gerard Way's little brother, Mikey Way, with the glorious Ilias Kyriazis as artist.
  • Wonder Woman: Come Back To Me #1 – the Walmart exclusive issues by Palmiotti, Conner and Hardin in comic stores for the first time (officially).
  • X-Liefelds #1, the big Rob Liefeld parody – as well as the Keenspot Spotlight 2019 #1 preview that also features the X-Liefelds and Rob Liefeld in their own story.
  • Silver Surfer Black #2. The first issue tied the Surfer and recent Guardians Of The Galaxy storylines into Absolute Carnage and the Thor Necrosword stories. This explores those connections.
  • The Son Of Chaos graphic novel. We 'll be previewing 44 pages of it on Bleeding Cool very shortly.
  • Gideon Falls #15. The deepest, darkest, thriller continues – and continues to twist every comic book page it touches.
  • Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #1. This is the new sexually voracious Jimmy Olsen, spinning out of Leviathan Rising, from Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber.
  • Justice League #28 is at the centre of DC's Year Of The Villain and The Offer also present in Nightwing, Aquaman and Teen Titans today.
  • Black Science #41 – its penultimate issue and very late – people have been waiting an age for this one.
  • Firefly still brings all the Whedonites to the yard with its eighth issue.
  • Oh yes, Loki #1 launches. The God Who Fell To Earth, spinning out of War Of The Realms – do you even remember that at this point?
  • Unstoppable Wasp gets its final issue with #10 – will Nadia discover what happened to her father? We all know…
  • Spider-Man: Life Story does Civil War. And 9/11. And the Spider-Totem story – all at once.
  • Faithless, Brian Azzarello's erotic-on-purpose comic gets a fourth issue.
  • 2000AD Sci-Fi Special pays tribute to Carlos Ezquerra.
  • Vault launches Resonant #1 by David Andry and Alejandro Aragon and Sera & The Royal Stars #1 by Jon Tsuei and Audrey Mok on the same day.
  • And there's a new Love And Rockets #7.

Will that do you? Don't dawdle…


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