75% Off Marvel Omnibuses – is This the Best Black Friday Deal in a Comic Shop Today?

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran advance notice of 75 comic book shops starting Black Friday Sales today. Today, we doubled that, with a bigger list of 150 Black Friday comic book stores, twice the size, with all the newcomers at the top of their respective states or countries… but one of the newcomers really stood out. G-Mart Comics of Chicago, Illinois. Occasional contributor to the Bleeding Cool Bestseller List. And what a bargain they appeared to be showing for today.

Doorbusters from 10:00am-12:00pm:
75% off select Marvel Omnibuses
75% off select Image oversized hardcovers
75% off select Dark Horse oversized hardcovers

That's… quite a deal. Those books often go for $100 or more, getting them for $25 may make for some happy Christmas presents. And at that price, you won't care how the cover has been coloured. Checking the time… I think they open in twenty minutes. Might be worth making the trip if you are in or around Chicago? Maybe bring some heavy bags… or a truck? Can anyone beat that deal from their local comic book store on Black Friday tody?

75% Off Marvel Omnibuses - is This the Best Black Friday Deal Going in a Comic Shop Today?


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