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Cycling Through Extinction Rebellion (And Other) Protests On Black Friday in London

Cycling Through Extinction Rebellion (And Other) Protests On Black Friday in London

#NotComics. Cycling into London, It really is my thing now. And even when the police close off roads for protests, they let the bicycles through. So, on a cold Black Friday, it was protests regarding climate change, pension rights, gender parity and global over-commercialisation that greeted me, in three separate groups, on the way through […]

150 Comic Shops Running Black Friday Events Today…

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran advance notice of 75 comic book shops starting Black Friday Sales today. Overnight we were inundated with more. So here is a bigger list, twice the size, with all the newcomers at the top of their respective states or countries… and we begin in Alabama… let us know what bargains you […]

Deadpool Getting Special 10" Black Friday Funko Pops

Deadpool Getting Special 10" Black Friday Funko Pops

Deadpool is wacky, crazy and definitely unique and a fan-favorite Marvel anti-hero. His comics usually fly off shelves and he has been quite popular since Ryan Reynolds has taken over the role. If you are a Deadpool collector like myself and you're looking for a way to spend your money this Black Friday then look no further […]

Black Friday Marathon of 'Chopping Mall' Coming to Shout Factory TV

Black Friday Marathon of 'Chopping Mall' Coming to Shout Factory TV

Black Friday got you stressed out? That's ok, you can unwind after a long day of shopping with a horror classic. Chopping Mall is going to run for 24 straight hours on November 29th over the Shout! Factory TV channel. This 80's cult classic is one of my personal favorites, and is a must-watch if […]

Boris Karloff's Guide to Holiday Shopping

Horror film icon Boris Karloff was born William Henry Pratt in East Dulwich, London on November 23, 1887. Legendary for roles such as the Monster in Universal's Frankenstein (1931) and as Imhotep in The Mummy (1932), Karloff went on to an incredible career of nearly 200 films. He was also a founding member of the […]

Geek Chic Gift Ideas For the Fashionable Fan

Oh goodie, yet-another-gift guide filling your feed- BUT WAIT this one has fandom fashions and geek chic suggestions! There is no shortage of companies specializing in nerdy novelty designs (in fact, that too is a company that does oven mitts, pot holders, and aprons using the best fabrics), but maybe you need a lil reminder […]

Riri Williams' Best Black Friday Deals in Next Week's Ironheart #1

It's Black Friday, that holiest of holidays where Americans put their lives on the line to obtain marginally better deals than they might find any other time of the year at various retailers! Next week's Ironheart #1 may not actually be set during Black Friday, but we feel the preview captures the spirit of the holiday, […]

Wyrd Games Announces Black Friday Sale Details

Wyrd Games just released the details for their Black Friday sale for Malifaux! HEY WYRDOS, It's that time of the year again. Here is our Black Friday/Thanksgiving/Birthday sale announcement! Rather than beating a dead unicorn with extra text, let's get right to the good stuff: what will be available for purchase during the sale! As you […]

Nintendo Switch Red Blue

The Nintendo Switch Tops Black Friday Sales Reports

According to the latest reports, the Nintendo Switch was an incredibly popular item over the Black Friday- Cyber Monday weekend. Which isn't too surprising since the console has been in high demand since its launch in March. There were also quite a few bundles going last weekend, which also helped drive sales, despite the fact […]


Negan Assembles The Lucille Patrol For Skybound On Black Friday

Negan leads a box set of villains from The Walking Dead comic in an exclusive figure box set coming on Black Friday to the Skybound Store. This one takes its place next to the Shiva Force Box Set that was sold at cons this summer starting at SDCC. The box set includes GI Joe-style carded […]

Black Friday Comic Shop Deals For 2017: Part Two, Over 130 More Stores

Here's a look through some comic store Black Friday 2017 deals being planned. If you are such a store or know of such a sale, send your flyer and details to pretty sharpish… Part One ran yesterday. We'll do a final post tomorrow… ARIZONA Jesse James Comics, Glendale Cab Comics 1471 S Milton Rd, […]

disney holiday dress

New Holiday Dress Makes Its Way To Disney's Dress Shop On Black Friday

Oh no, Black Friday is next week. While Disney Springs promises Black Friday will be super laid-back and relaxing at the resort, I'm willing to bet it won't be. And I won't be there to find out, either! Regardless, a new holiday-themed dress is coming to The Dress Shop in Disney World, and oh my […]

Cards Against Humanity Makes $71,145: We Really Get Nothing, But The Creative Team Does

On Black Friday the popular card game Cards Against Humanity had a deal to purchase nothing for $5. I was skeptical of the offer, feeling like they would probably end up giving people something in return. However, here's the real deal: This year we offered our customers the ultimate Black Friday experience – the ability to buy nothing from us […]