A New Host For Toxin In Marvel's Extreme Carnage: Toxin #1, September

Extreme Carnage: Toxin #1 by Steve Orlando and Gerardo Sandoval will be the latest in the Extreme Carnage range of one-shots from Marvel Comics come September. During The King In Black, Planet of the Symbiotes also by Orlando and Sandoval saw the symbiote grandson of Venom known as Toxin found a new host, teenager Bren Walker who has been having a harder time controlling Toxin's darker urges than former host and policeman Pat Mulligan. And now he is getting his own one-shot. Extreme Carnage begins at Marvel in July, as "the five Life Symbiotes will face their greatest challenge yet, courtesy of their big bad older brother: Carnage. The Life Foundation symbiotes have always tried to reconcile the sometimes-noble intentions of their hosts with the often-bloodthirsty impulses of the symbiotes. But the Life Foundation symbiotes aren't the only symbiotes who find themselves reinvented after KING IN BLACK and Carnage has plans for his younger siblings."

A New Host For Toxin In Marvel's Extreme Carnage: Toxin #1, September

"After KING IN BLACK, everything we thought we knew about the symbiotes will have changed. Every man, woman, and child in the Marvel Universe will finally understand the massive threat the symbiotes represent, and the symbiotes that are still among us are now in the crosshairs of some extremely angry, scared, and powerful forces," Johnson explained. "In the pages of EXTREME CARNAGE, we'll not only explain what Carnage is in this new, post-KING IN BLACK era, but also see a return-to-form for the deadliest symbiotes that have ever lived while putting them on a lethal new path for the future."

A New Host For Toxin In Marvel's Extreme Carnage: Toxin #1, September

Carnage was created by David Michelinie and Mark Bagley, in 1992 for the Spider-Man comic books. Originating as an offspring of Venom, Carnage has had multiple hosts over the years, but his most infamous one remains his first, serial killer Cletus Kasady, whose sadistic personality matches that of the symbiote. Other hosts have included Ben Reilly, Karl Malus, and Norman Osborn.

Extreme Carnage: Toxin #1 is the sixth part of the Extreme Carnage, following Extreme Carnage: Alpha #1, Extreme Carnage: Scream #1, and Extreme Carnage: Phage #1, Extreme Carnage: Lasher #1 and Extreme Carnage: Riot #1.

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