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Cover image for EXTREME CARNAGE OMEGA #1
This Wednesday is the final issue of Extreme Carnage, Extreme Carnage Omega But the series is going out with a bang, and by a bang, I mean a crapload of variant covers Look, all good things must come to an end And so must symbiote comics It's bittersweet, I know But don't worry I'm sure[...]
Cover image for EXTREME CARNAGE AGONY #1
Extreme Carnage Agony #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, and no, "Agony" does not refer to the pain of suffering through a seemingly endless stream of symbiote-themed super-mega-crossover events In this case, Agony is yet another symbiote getting a one-shot as part of the Extreme Carnage event Check out a preview of[...]
Marvel's latest symbiote-themed super-mega-crossover event continues in Extreme Carnage Lasher #1, in stores on Wednesday And in this spinoff featuring the symbiote Lasher, we… we… Wait a minute There's no symbiote named Lasher Has Marvel run out of symbiote to make extraneous super-mega-crossover event tie-ins out of? Don't think you're gonna just get away with[...]
Cover image for EXTREME CARNAGE PHAGE #1
Marvel's latest symbiote-based super-mega-crossover event continues with the latest extraneous one-shot, Extreme Carnage Phage #1 What could be more extreme than bilking readers for as much money as possible with super-mega-crossover events, extraneous tie-ins, and excessive variant covers? Just check out the preview below. EXTREME CARNAGE PHAGE #1 MARVEL COMICS MAY210520 MAY210522 – EXTREME CARNAGE: PHAGE #1 JOHNSON CONNECTING[...]
Wait, what? Well, in this preview of Extreme Carnage Scream #1, this six-armed Spider-Man isn't exactly the real deal But it's hard to keep track with Marvel's nonstop stream of symbiote-based super-mega-crossover events Look for the comic in stores on Wednesday and check out the preview below. EXTREME CARNAGE SCREAM #1 MARVEL COMICS MAY210515 MAY210517 – EXTREME CARNAGE SCREAM[...]
Cover image for EXTREME CARNAGE ALPHA #1
Extreme Carnage Alpha is in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics, and… wait a minute… Hasn't Marvel already published this super-mega-crossover event already?! Are they trying to pull a fast one on us here, like when I publish the same Dave Bautista tweet article over and over again here at Bleeding Cool?! Let's check the[...]
A New Host For Toxin In Marvel's Extreme Carnage: Toxin #1, September
Extreme Carnage: Toxin #1 by Steve Orlando and Gerardo Sandoval will be the latest in the Extreme Carnage range of one-shots from Marvel Comics come September During The King In Black, Planet of the Symbiotes also by Orlando and Sandoval saw the symbiote grandson of Venom known as Toxin found a new host, teenager Bren Walker[...]
Unto Us a New Symbiote is Born in Extreme Carnage One-Shots in August
The Extreme Carnage event extends into August with Extreme Carnage: Lasher by Curse Of Carnage: Scream writer and artist Clay Mcleod Chapman and Chris Mooneyham, and Extreme Carnage: Riot by Alyssa Wong and Fran Galan. And we are getting a baby new symbiote – and war. Extreme Carnage: Lasher by Clay Mcleod Chapman and Chris Mooneyham Extreme Carnage:[...]
If you see this Extreme Carnage comic in your local comic shop, put on your mask and run screaming in the opposite direction.
Yes, we've known about Extreme Carnage for weeks now, but the ramifications are only now just sinking in Because this isn't a new symbiote super-mega-crossover event In fact, it is one long, never-ending Venom-related super-mega-crossover event that started with Absolute Carnage in 2019 and has mutated a new form each time the current one has[...]
Now It's Steve Orlando and Gerardo Sandoval on Extreme Carnage Phage
Another Extreme Carnage one-shot in July from Marvel Comics, bookended by Extreme Carnage: Alpha, announced today to follow Extreme Carnage: Scream. Steve Orlando and Gerardo Sandoval will have their one one-shot starring one of the deadly Life Foundation Symbiotes, Extreme Carnage: Phage Kicking off in July with EXTREME CARNAGE ALPHA #1, the event will take place over[...]
Flash Thompson Joins Extreme Carnage
First, dragged from the Hive-Mind and becoming an Anti-Venom Dragon. Then using that very same trick to revive his old rotting body from the grave. And now revealed as the mystery silhouette on the cover to Extreme Carnage, the new series from Marvel Comics shipping in July Written by Superman and Alien writer, Phillip Kennedy Johnson with this[...]
Extreme Carnage
Extreme Carnage time – Marvel Comics knows how much Bleeding Cool loves a silhouette mystery Presumably we'll get a clue as to their identity in the conclusion of King In Black or in Venom #200, but who knows? Our mystery guest will be joining symbiote beings Phage, Scream, Lasher, Riot and Agony in Extreme Carnage[...]