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Well, we guessed (not much of a guess really as he had previously said it) that Steve Orlando would be writing Marauders with a new Marauders #1 launching as part of Destiny Of X, the Second Age Of Krakoa, from Marvel in March 2022 But now we know that it will be drawn by Eleonora[...]
Steve Orlando Takes Over Maruaders; Changes in Store for X-Books
When Marvel's December solicits were revealed last month, Bleeding Cool was only one of many to notice a certain finality to the solicits for many of the X-books, most notably Marauders, leading to questions about whether the series would be canceled, rebooted, or otherwise drastically changed in the wake of Jonathan Hickman's departure from the[...]
A new original queer thriller graphic novel Party And Prey by Steve Orlando, Steve Foxe and Alex Sanchez, a new series called Chicken Devil by Brian Buccellato and  Hayden Sherman, Marko Stojanovic and Sinisa Banovic's Jack The Ripper in the Wild West series Cross To Bear and a horror anthology for Halloween, After Dark by[...]
A New Host For Toxin In Marvel's Extreme Carnage: Toxin #1, September
Extreme Carnage: Toxin #1 by Steve Orlando and Gerardo Sandoval will be the latest in the Extreme Carnage range of one-shots from Marvel Comics come September During The King In Black, Planet of the Symbiotes also by Orlando and Sandoval saw the symbiote grandson of Venom known as Toxin found a new host, teenager Bren Walker[...]
Odds and Sods
Marvel Comics originally planned an event to begin in June 2020, with Darkhold Alpha #1 by Steve Orlando and Clan Tormey.  Well, then someone read the actual Darkhold in real life, or at least it feels that way, as the world basically fell over.  Originally the collection featuring Doctor Doom on the cover would have been published last December, just[...]
Commanders In Crisis #9 Review: A New Storyline
Unfortunately, this time they face a set of cliches pressed into service to enforce the patterns of pugilism. The Steve Orlando script starts out telling you what you want to hear, and the artwork from Davide Tinto, Francesca Carotenuta, and Fabio Amelia maintains the top-notch visual excellence this series has maintained since its inception The ideas[...]
Somnus Is A Mutant Brought Back To Life For Marvel's Voises: Pride
And was co-created by Steve Orlando for Marvel's Voices: Pride with Claudia Aguirre , colourist and artist on Kim & Kim, Morning IN America, Lost On Planet Earth, Quantum Teens Are Go, We Are The Danger, and more, making her Marvel debut. With the 35th-anniversary-of-the-Marvel-25th-anniversary cover making even more sense, as the character Somnus would have been[...]
Commanders In Crisis #6 Review: One Very Good Comic Book
The patience that shows in both the Steve Orlando script and the artwork from Davide Tinto, Francesca Carotenuto, and Fabio Amelia is remarkable The reader to get the feeling of this struggle is very effective Finally, while brief, the antagonist Executrix gets a moment to reveal motivations and considerations, and that's interesting in how it[...]
Marvel Announce Marvel's Voices: Pride #1
These stories of inspiration and empowerment will be brought to life by an assembly of writers and artists from all walks of life including Kieron Gillen, Olivier Coipel, Steve Orlando, Anthony Oliveira, Tini Howard, Vita Ayala, Kris Anka, Javier Garrón, and many more! "It blew my mind when I learned this special was being put together[...]
Commanders In Crisis #5 Review: Wildly, Boldly Ambitious
What do owners Steve Orlando and Arancia Studio s.n.c bring to the table this time around? Is this a good hopping on point? Commanders In Crisis #5 Cover Credit: Image Comics My partner and I re-read all five issues of Commanders In Crisis to ensure that we gave the series as fair a shot as possible[...]
Commanders In Crisis #5 Review: Wildly, Boldly Ambitious
Who comes up with something like that, let alone offhandedly? Of course, the answer is Steve Orlando, who is writing this book like he has mere moments before it's the end of the line, and he's not leaving anything in the tank This book has so many ideas that will make you stop, sit back, and go[...]
But they are not alone, Steve Orlando and Patrick Piazzalunga are launching Project Patron, and Cullen Bunn and Mark Torres are launching Phantom On The Scan. Here are the full AfterShock solicitations for April 2021. GIRLS OF DIMENSION 13 #1 CVR A BLEVINS AFTERSHOCK COMICS FEB210983 (W) Graham Nolan (A/CA) Bret Blevins Four young women are brought together by a mysterious invitation[...]
Commanders In Crisis #4 Review: Unlike Any Other Superhero Comic
Writer Steve Orlando has taken a gigantic swing, and it connects in the best possible way This script is a roller coaster that will leave you wrung out like an old dishrag by the last page The artwork from Davide Tinto, Francesco Carotenuto, and Fabio Amelia makes the shocking moments really huge, takes on action[...]
Steve Orlando, Ivan Shavrin's Starward From Heavy Metal in March 2021
Steve Orlando and Ivan Shavrin's Starward series is getting a promotion from Heavy Metal Magazine to its own series, launching from Heavy Metal in March, along with the re-solicitation of Cold Dead War – have the issues with Dan O'Bannon's estate been ironed out? Or are they just steamrollering ahead? Will check into this[...]
The cover to Avengers: Curse of the Man-Thing #1
Steve Orlando will make his Marvel debut in March with a new series of one-shots beginning with Avengers: Curse of the Man-Thing #1, which just so happens to be the same thing Kang the Conquerer calls his erectile dysfunction This story will consist of three issues, each of which focuses on a different Marvel character[...]