The Quite Definite Death Of [SPOILERS] In Savage Dragon #225

Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the Savage Dragon comic book by Erik Larsen from Image Comics. A remarkable legacy for one man, featuring a character he created as a child – forty-five years ago. It's an achievement from one creative vision only matched in North American comics by Dave Sim – though Sergio Aragones might be getting close.

Groo The Wanderer is still going strong. Cerebus died unmourned and unloved in Cerebus #300 and went to Hell. And the Savage Dragon? Well, he lost his powers and his son took over the mantle both of the character and the lead in the book. But in Savage Dragon #225 with all the multiverse collapsing into one, and everyone having multiple competing versions of their lives to remember, we get the final battle with Darklord as Dragon takes an injection of his son's blood.

It was established early on that this is not a wise thing for a non-powered character to do. In a dig at an issue of the Hulk, at the time written by nemesis Peter David, in which the Hulk refused to give his blood as a transplant donation, fearful of the harm it could cause, the Dragon did do that to save someone's life, asking what kind of a dick wouldn't? Well, the guy did get better. And then exploded.

It's not the only set up for Savage Dragon #225 though. Remember the scene from Savage Dragon #31 in which Dragon had some hard questions for God and got a Pascal-ian answer? There's a reason we ran that on Bleeding Cool last night…

The Quite Definite Death Of [SPOILERS] In Savage Dragon #225

…because in today's Savage Dragon #225, after whatever happens happens, Dragon finds his final answer.

The Quite Definite Death Of [SPOILERS] In Savage Dragon #225

The comic also includes a colorized version of his original comics that featured Dragon when young. And plenty, plenty more beside as the comic celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary in a similar fashion to Cerebus #300 – but at least with a different destination.


Is that… Dejah Thoris?

Savage Dragon #225 is published today.

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