An Unkindness of Ravens #3: Answers Give Way To New Questions

An Unkindness of Ravens #3
An Unkindness of Ravens #3 is exactly the kind of rare feat of creativity to which more creators should aspire.

An Unkindness of Ravens has stood out from BOOM! Studios recent wave of hit creator-owned series in a big way. In what sometimes feels like a sea of guaranteed hits by the least edgy, most mainstream, already-proven talent, An Unkindness of Ravens stands out as a unique and raw force of pure creativity. With a killer script by Dan Panosian that feels like Veronica Mars meets The Craft while also feeling like something totally new, absolutely gorgeous artwork by Marianna Ignazzi, perfect colors by Fabiana Mascolo, and terrific letters by Mike FiorentinoAn Unkindness of Ravens is one of, if not the, best comics from 2020. Now, as we enter 2021, let's see if this terrific series from BOOM! Studios can keep that same energy.

An Unkindness of Ravens #3 cover. Credit: BOOM! Studios
An Unkindness of Ravens #3 cover. Credit: BOOM! Studios

The first two issues of An Unkindness of Ravens built character and mystery with equal intrigue. Now, this third installment begins to shape everything together into something equal parts horrifying and intriguing. Panosian does a terrific job on doing what made — and stay with me here — Lost such compelling TV. Panosian focuses on character while also pulling off an incredible mystery, giving the reader answers in a way that pays off questions we had while opening up the world with new and even stranger mysteries.

Ignazzi and Mascolo's artwork is every bit as perfect here as it was in the first two issues. With a style that feels like Archie by way of Fantagraphics, this is one of the most unique and best-looking books on the shelves. As we leave the school atmosphere and venture into stranger territory, it's great to watch these incredible artists meet and exceed the challenge. Also, each issue starts with an excerpt illustrated by Panosian that sets the tone both artistically and narratively. These bits get more and more compelling each issue.

An Unkindness of Ravens, in its third issue, continues to be the best comic currently being published.

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