Barzinga Episode 1: Seven To Beer.

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Hey there, hon! Welcome to Barzinga, the brain child of Baltimore Lauren and Rich Henn. Join BL and Henn on their adventures through beer and comics!

Today BL and Henn are re-introducing Barzinga to all the new comers, and they talk about Seven To Eternity as well as Maryland based comic shop Third Eye Comics! Today's give away will be for a signed Third Eye Comics exclusive of Seven to Eternity, but you need to answer our trivia question correctly!


Today's question is: What is BL's tattoo and where is it?

You can find BL on Twitter at @BaltimoreLauren. Henn unfortunately doesn't have any of those other silly internet things.

About Baltimore Lauren

I like pinball machines, Archie Comics, and bad movies. Sometimes I write about old books for the heck of it. Follow me on Twitter: @BaltimoreLauren