The Batman Dark Days: Metal Q&A With Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, Live [UPDATED AND FINISHED]


The live feed for the announcement of Metal: Dark Night from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo has closed. But unlike other sites, we have people in the room feeding us live updates! We have the questions… and the answers! Courtesy of Brandon Wainerdi (@ActuallyBrandon) and Jason Kauzlarich (@TheyLiveObey) for Bleeding Cool.Keep refreshing your browsers.

Implications from Rebirth, the Button that goes through all this?

A: Snyder: There's definitely ways that they cross but we're not going to take pieces from that. He's given us pieces to play with but it's meant to exist as a conversation with that story. The mystery set up in Rebirth, however, is his story to tell.

Seeing as that the DC is a community, I have a single issue:  when Damian Wayne passes away. How did you react to that, being fathers, being sons. The silent one.

Snyder: It's hard for me to write Damien, because my son is so close to his age. Super Sons is incredible. Nobody writes it better than Pete and Pat. Incredibly moving.

I wanted to know how many issues it's going to run / monthly:

6 issues, monthly.

Is there any character you haven't worked with that you've been wanting to

Snyder: Duke. Hal I've never written Aquaman. Cyborg has a big plot. I haven't gotten to write them ever and now I have the chance.

Capullo: I want to draw Lobo still. I would draw a badass Lobo.

I used to be a big Marvel fan but Marvel has fallen so far from comic books. (Dan DiDio: "Why did we turn off the livestream?" Jim Lee is snapchatting this, making him re-say it for the DC Comics snapchat account.)

My biggest question is: why are the DC Movies so bad compared to the Marvel ones.

Lee: We have two done, and a lot more in the works. The filmmakers in charge have heard the feedback from the fans. They are putting a lot of time and care into it.

We should talk again after Wonder Woman comes out.

DiDio: Movies and TV are competition for the comics. The way I see it, if you're going to the movies to get the stories for these characters, we're not doing our job.

Snyder: None of us are rooting for Marvel to fail. I'll be the first one to pick up Secret Empire.

We each want the other company to be strong.

I've always been an X-Men guy. The only reason I bought a DC comic was because of Jim Lee's run on Suicide Squad (Capullo: You might even say … an artist moved the needle!) But how much will I need to go back and read in Batman to understand the new event.

Snyder: You won't need to read anything. You can pick it up and go.

DiDio: But go read Batman: Hush, if you love Jim Lee! It's incredible.

How does the DC Earth still have a population after all these

Capullo: Lots and lots of unprotected sex. Next question!

What is the next thing you're working on, Jim?

Lee: (mentions Dark Days but then:) Probably in April you'll hear about my next project.

You guys really brought me back into comics with Rebirth. What are your favorite Rebirth stories.

Snyder: Josh on Flash. Superman is killer. Wonder Woman is killer. It is a really incredible time to be a DC fan. And Deathstroke!

Lee: I love Wonder Woman. If you read the series, they alternate back and forth. I read them separately, sequentially and I loved how they make you feel for Cheetah and explain the origins of this character! They did a fine job of weaving it together.

DiDio: I love what James is doing on Detective. Pete and Pat have done a great job righting the ship of Superman. And introducing the son of Superman, who I think is here to stay.

Batman has one of the most bruised psyches in comics. Have you studied up on psychology.

Snyder: No, he's always in that gray area. I just spend a lot of time in his head. The fact that I'm writing him seven years after Black Mirror … speaks to the versatility of the character.

Will the repercussions of Dark Days and Metal be seen in other comics?

Snyder: The whole thing is that the end of Metal will create over-arching story beats that are exciting to the people writing the books. That's the whole point. We're creating a story that will propel us forward.

And that's all they spoke!

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