Does Batman Now Believes He Is Mad? (Batman #30 Spoilers)

The neurodiversity expressed by Bruce Wayne, the Batman, has been a topic of discussion of decades. A billionaire driven to take on crime after the childhood death of his parents by dressing up as a bat and beating up the bad guys has certainly provided much meat for fictional analysis.

It may well have caused untreated PTSD, anti-social tendencies finding violent expression against the law, that he on occasion is depicted as suffering some forms of possible delusion, exhibits symptoms of divergent personality and probably coulrophobia at this stage.

And no classic Batman tale can be told without the comparison between Batman and his gallery of rogues in Gotham and positing the similarity between them and Batman. It was also at the heart of the seminal Batman works of the eighties, Dark Knight Returns, Killing Joke and Arkham Asylum.

Recently, in Tom King's run on Batman, he has revealed that Bruce Wayne attempted suicide as a young man. While Scott Snyder has pointed to metal poisoning as the cause of a break in his rationality. Everyone wants to diagnose Batman – but will Bruce do it himself?

Does Batman Now Believes He Is Mad? (Batman #30 Spoilers)

In today's Batman #30 by Tom King, Mikel Janin and June Chung, as Batman deals with the War Of Jokes & Riddles – and slowly confessing to Catwoman over something he did – we get this moment of… could you call it realisation?

Does Batman Now Believes He Is Mad? (Batman #30 Spoilers)

No-one but the insane know what happened next? The Joker, The Riddler… and does that include the Batman? It kinda does.

Batman #20 is published today by DC Comics.

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