Bill Sienkiewicz Offers Free Sketch To Anyone Who Yanks President Donald Trump Off Balance On Camera [UPDATED]


We've seen lots of forms of protest against President Donald Trump since he won the election in November, from creators who vowed not to visit conventions in states that voted for Trump to massive marches in cities around the world. But legendary comics artist Bill Sienkiewicz may have come up with the oddest form of protest: he's offering a free character sketch to anyone who shakes Trump's hand on camera and yanks the president off balance.

"I'd like to be the first comic-book artist to offer a free character sketch of choice to ANYONE who shakes Trump's hand–on camera , before the world- and yanks him off balance before he gets the chance to do it first," Sienkiewicz said in a post to Facebook, telling fans to google "Trump's handshake" to see what he's talking about. Sienkiewicz says his offer of a free sketch is a "tremendous deal, in Trump's lexicon," and notes that if other artists would join him in offering free sketches, "Millions would sign up for the handshake seen round the world. Billions."

Sienkiewicz suggests that the Secret Service would "piss their pants" laughing at the handshake prank, though Bleeding Cool will note that they might also be laughing while sending you off for a two-year vacation in Gitmo, so exercise caution if taking Sienkiewicz up on his offer.

Sienkiewicz hopes that former subject Steve Bannon himself will read the post and take the deal, after spending "a sleepless night or two deciding between a Darth Vader or Doctor Doom." What character would you choose?

UPDATE: It appears that Sienkiewicz has deleted his post, perhaps realizing that it was potentially encouraging people to assault the president of the United States. No word on whether Sienkiewicz will still honor the offer.

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