Ch-Ch-Changes: Joe Eisma Is The New Artist For Valiant's Faith #7 and #8


Faith #7 from Valiant Entertainment was originally solicited with artists Meghan Hetrick and Marguerite Sauvage. But while Savage will continue to illustrate the book's fantasy sequences, Joe Eisma will take over the rest of the art duties, at least for the next issues, according to an EXXXCLUSIVE report from CBR. There's no word on the reason for the change, or whether Hetrick will return – her name is still listed on the solicit – so we're forced to speculate that the whole thing is a result of the huge embarrassment of the Faith #5 debacle.

Like the rest of the country, Valiant assumed Hillary Clinton would easily defeat orange-skinned demagogue Donald Trump in the presidential election last month. Valiant was so confident, in fact, that they even shipped double the number of ordered copies of Faith #5, which featured a widely-publicized Hillary Clinton cameo, to comic book stores a week before the election. Valiant likely assumed they'd be the one company with a Clinton comic on the stands for people to buy, spiking comic sales like President Obama has done in the past. As we all know, that didn't happen, which turned the entire stock of Faith #5s from valuable to collectors items to the equivalent of losing Super Bowl team victory t-shirts that get shipped off to Uzbekistan after the game is over. With a good portion of the U.S. – and the portion most likely to buy Hillary Clinton cameo comics at that – stuck in a permanent state of shock and depression for the next four years, those Faith #5s aren't going to be flying off the shelves, is all we're saying. Plus, you can read the whole Hillary story for free here.

With that in mind, Valiant needed to shake things up, and what better way than to bring in the popular Morning Glories artist Joe Eisma for a two issue stint?

Well, that's how it could have happened. If Valiant doesn't want us to speculate, they should provide a better explanation, shouldn't they?

Instead, they offered these handsomely watermarked preview images. Check 'em out:

faith-007-001 faith-007-002 faith-007-003 faith-007-004


UPDATE: We thought it was a great guess, but it turns out we were wrong. Meghan Hetrick is out due to injury.

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