Coda #3 Review: The Giant with a Fortress on its Back

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Sir Hum's Pentacorn has been poisoned, and the former bard himself has been left behind as the attack on Ridgetown begins. He seeks help from the mad sorcerer, but Hum must find his own way out of the trap. Before long, the Pentacorn has been healed and is angrier than ever, and Sir Hum and his stead tear through the raider hordes and arrive at Ridgetown. The situation is dire though, and the cannon is almost out of shots. This isn't Hum's problem, as he only needs the Acker from the town's Ylf.

Coda #3 cover by Matias Bergara
Coda #3 cover by Matias Bergara

Coda #3 brings the reader into the thick of a massive siege, as an army of raiders and their moving fortress is pulled to Ridgetown by a giant. It's a hell of an action issue, and it's creative to boot. Hum is caught in the middle, torn between getting the Acker he needs for his wife and helping Ridgetown through this assault.

This may be Coda's most fun issue so far, and Matias Bergara has a lot of room to get creative with the visuals of the battle. Soldiers are riding birds and strafing the city, the giant is dragging his massive fortress, and the Pentacorn gets the chance to tear through a column of raiders.

There is an ending twist I didn't expect either, and it is pretty damn interesting.

Coda #3 art by Matias Bergara and Michael Doig
Coda #3 art by Matias Bergara and Michael Doig

As always, Bergara's artwork brings this mad landscape. The figures are fluid and amorphous, the magical creatures are given little visual twists to add some originality to their appearance, and the battle is busy and bloody. The color, with assists from Michael Doig, is a nice mixture of mad and mundane. The landscape provides a pallid backdrop to the insanity in the foreground.

 Coda #3 is a great read, providing character development for Hum and adding layers to the mystery of what happened to his wife. The battle between the raiders and Ridgetown is awesome, and the artwork is great. This one earns a recommendation. Check it out.

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