Comic Creators React to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Winning The Election

NBC. CNN, the New York Times, Fox News and the Associated Press have called the state of Pennsylvania for Joe Biden, and thus calling Joe Biden as next President Of The United States and that Kamala Harris is the next Vice President. So how are comic book creators reacting? How do you think?

James Tynion IV: PHEW

Caspar Wijngaard: There's some joes in this house. There's some joes in the house

Ramon Villalobos: Happy birthday to Joe Biden!

Mitch Gerads: We have a Black Female Vice-President!!!

Daniel Kibblesmith: Eat it, you racist snail.

Chris Eliopoulos: 46

Comic Creators React to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Winning The Election
Comic Creators React to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Winning The Election


Sarah Horrocks: Finally! Thank you Philly!

Alex Paknadel: The republic stands.

Roger Langridge: Don't let the door hit your skidmarked diaper on the way out

Alex de Campi: Everyone in my neighborhood in NYC is cheering and banging pots and pans. The election is over. Still cheering outside. The Associated Press has called it for Biden; the New York Times has called it for Biden; we're done here. Pack your bags, Donald.Biden won. Just… waves of cheering as people continue to find out. Cars honking; people clapping.

Phil Jimenez: It's like we won a war

KevinSmith: I was writing in my office when I suddenly heard screams. Went outside to see people in the street in my neighborhood screeching their heads off in celebration. And that is how I learned about #PresidentElectJoe. Congrats to @JoeBiden
and @KamalaHarris on their historic win!

Andy Khouri: Man I love New York right now. Keep it up and run that fucker and his whole family out of town.

Magdalene Visaggio: My neighborhood suddenly erupted into cheers. That's how I found out.

Ben Morse: What a nice way to wake up.

Saladin Ahmed: Biden isn't our comforting uncle and it's going to be really important to remember that as we mobilize to make him do right at the same time I think we can all celebrate that Americans mobilized in record numbers to dump a hard-core fascist

Marc Laming: And how great is it that the VP is a woman of colour! This is an amazing and weirdly emotional moment.

Liam Sharp: I feel a bit shaky! So pleased!

Marc Laming: Same, this is a really great day.

Ivy Noelle Weir: Found out Biden won at the same moment we also found out who was Star Baker on this week's GBBO!!! EMOTIONS

John Layman: Guy on CNN said "this is not a time for gloating." CORRECTION: This IS a time for gloating!!!

Jen Bartel: Thank you to all the organizers in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and every other state that could have easily not had record turnout if it wasn't for your tireless efforts. Thank you to all the poll workers and volunteers who counted every single vote! With the fate of the senate likely hinging on 2 runoffs in GA, it's gonna be paramount that immense pressure is put on establishment dems to defer to the expertise of progressive organizers like Stacey Abrams, Nsé Ufot, & Tamieka Atkins—it's on us to hold their feet to the fire.

Jon Favreau: Wait so is Trump golfing right now?

Laurie Penny: And exhale.

Tom King: You voted. Thank you.

Joseph P. Illidge: Frozen alcoholic drinks are being served in the house tonight in celebration of The Demon's demise.

 woodrow phoenix: FINALLY… (here's a page from The Lovely Land of Love that seems to apply right now)

Comic Creators React to Joe Biden Being Called President
Comic Creators React to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Winning The Election

Chris Sotomayor : Deutsche Bank is going to want their money now, right @realDonaldTrump? So will the IRS, I bet.

PJ Holden: Well, I wasn't gonna do it, but having an Indian tonight. Party time!

Cheryl Lynn Eaton: Special Announcement: Now that Biden is officially the next president, it is now okay to get in his ass about everything from healthcare to cabinet picks.

Hannibal Tabu: No days off.

Iron Spike: Unblocking Trump's Twitter because of course I am

Cully Hamner: Excuse me, I'm going to go run naked down the street. I'll let you know how it goes.

Taika Waititi: Bye bye you stupid nitwit douche canoe.

Becky Cloonan: F-ck yes!!!

Stephen King: CNN just called it. Joe Biden is President Elect. 'This wretched, wretched presidency is coming to an end.

Tony Lee: Counting down the minutes until Nigel Farage starts his GoFundMe page for his lost £10k bet on Trump… :D


And from the folks themselves,

Joe Biden: America, I'm honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country. The work ahead of us will be hard, but I promise you this: I will be a President for all Americans — whether you voted for me or not. I will keep the faith that you have placed in me.

Kamala Harris: This election is about so much more than @JoeBiden
or me. It's about the soul of America and our willingness to fight for it. We have a lot of work ahead of us. Let's get started.


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