Do Any Comic Shops Out There Still Have Copies of the Megadeth: Death By Design Graphic Novel on Their Shelves?

Last week saw the publication of the Megadeth: Death By Design graphic novel. A hardcover monster of a book, published by Heavy Metal Magazine, it is full of comic book stories inspired by individual Megadeth tracks, from the great and good of comic books.

And, after Megadeth went and pushed it on their social media to three million fans, it has become increasingly difficult to find.

I spoke to shops who ordered what they thought would be enough to last them into Christmas sell in a couple of days and have fielded calls from frustrated customers. Amazon has sold out – though they are expecting copies at some point. Maybe next week if you're lucky. And it seems that the Megadeth online shop doesn't have copies left either. And some Megadeth fans want it now. It is still in stock at Diamond. But that takes time as well. And there are very few there too… though I'm told more are on the way.

May I suggest, if you are are a store that still has unsold copies on your shelf, that you mention this on social media? And let Megadeth fans hunt you down to get a copy? Because I also understand that backstock is rather low and a second printing may take a long time…

Here's a preview…

(W) Various (A) Various
Celebrating four decades of Dave Mustaine's legendary band, MEGADETH, this omnibus edition is 35 short stories inspired by 35 of  MEGADETH'S greatest songs of all time. Songs adpated include "Hangar 18" by METALOCALYPSE creator Brendon Small, "Rattlehead" by Brooklyn Gladiator creator, Dan Fogler. Other stories adapted by Roche Limit creator, Michael Moreci and  HACK/SLASH creator Tim Seeley as well as many, many more. SPECIAL EDITION includes 4 vinyl albums MEGADETH'S new greatest hits, WARHEADS ON FOREHEADS, which includes songs adapted in the book like – Rattlehead, Mechanix, Killing Is My Business…., The Conjuring, Wake Up Dead, Devils Island, Good Mourning/Black Friday, Set The World Afire, In My Darkest Hour, Holy Wars, Hangar 18,  Tornado of Souls and Rust In Peace.In Shops: Aug 14, 2019
SRP: $59.99

The creative teams include Ben Templesmith, Tim Seeley, Alex de Campi, Leah Moore, John Ostrander, Frazer Irving, Dan Fogler, Brian Wood, Joe Keatinge and more. And the cover above by John Gallagher. In fact, we have the entire comics creative teams, and the songs they have taken on, to share:

Rattlehead – Dan Fogler & Andy Belanger

Mechanix – Ben Meares & DAF

Killing Is My Business – Alex de Campi & Mack Chater

The Conjuring – Llexi Leon & Kevin West

Wake Up Dead – Tony Lee & Gyula Nemeth

Devils Island – Sebastian Girmer & Esau Escorza

Good Mourning / Black Friday – Leah Moore, John Reppion & Ben Templesmith

Set The World Afire – Diego Agrimbau & Agustín Alessio

In My Darkest Hour – David Baille & Conor Boyle

Holy Wars…The Punishment Due – Tim Seeley & Ignacio Calero

Hangar 18 – Brendon Small & Belén Ortega

Tornado Of Souls – Patrick Kindlon & Marco Turini

Rust In Peace…Polaris – Hector Lima & Garrie Gastonny

Five Magics – Johnathan LaMantia

Take No Prisoners – ML Miller & Carlos Granda

Skin O' My Teeth – PM Buchan & John Pearson

Angry Again – Homero Rios & Anton Kokarev

Symphony Of Destruction – Justin Jordan & John Bivens

Sweating Bullets – Sean Lewis & Axel Medellin

A Tout Le Monde – Llexi Leon & Richard Friend

Train Of Consequences – James Harvey

Reckoning Day – Jeff Burandt & Jason Goungor

Trust – Frazer Irving

She-Wolf – Curtis Pires & Antonio Fuso

Wanderlust – Abraham Martínez & Patricio Delpeche

Dread and the Fugitive Mind – Jonathan Lang & Andrea Mutti

Blackmail The Universe – Haylar García & Abel

Washington Is Next! – Haylar García & Kevin Enhart

Head Crusher – R.G. Llarena & Danijel Zezelj

Public Enemy No. 1 – John Ostrander & Miguel Mora

Kingmaker – Brian Wood & Riccardo Burchielli

The Threat Is Real – Joe Keatinge & Anand Radhakrishnan

Poisonous Shadows – Chistine Larsen

Death From Within – Alex de Campi & Wilfredo Torres

Dystopia – David Baille & Simeon Aston

Says Dave Mustaine: "I have always fantasized about Megadeth doing something this gloriously electrifying and gruesome. I hope everyone will enjoy the graphic novel as much as I enjoyed working with Heavy Metal to put it together for you."

Jeff Krelitz, CEO of Heavy Metal tells us "Since I was old enough to buy records, Megadeth has been one of my favorite bands, not only for the great storytelling in the music, but the world building imagery on the album covers. This opportunity to meld the two world together and tell stories inspired by their songs is a privilege that we are excited to present to the fans."

Megadeth: Death By Design is 350 pages is 12.25" x 12.25" prestige albu" format and comes in four different editions:

  • Leather bound slipcase edition with 4-clear vinyl set of WARHEADS ON FOREHEADS and DEATH BY DESIGN graphic novel signed by Dave Mustaine
  • FYE Exclusive Leather bound slipcase edition with 4-clear vinyl set of WARHEADS ON FOREHEADS and DEATH BY DESIGN graphic novel signed by Dave Mustaine
  • Leather bound slipcase edition with 4-clear vinyl set of WARHEADS ON FOREHEADS and DEATH BY DESIGN graphic novel
  • Standard hardcover edition of DEATH BY DESIGN graphic novel.

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