Comics & Complication, Stories to Guide Us – World War Hulk

Edward Teller was born January 15th, 1908, in Budapest, maturing into arguably one of the most contentious times in human history. He emigrated to the United States in the 1930s to lend his scientific prowess to the war effort at the time, where he and other Hungarian scientists were dubbed the "Martians."

History would eventually claim him as the father of the hydrogen bomb, and Teller would go to the grave as a psychological casualty from WWI and WWII personified. It was the trauma from a swiftly spreading communist regime and rise of Nazi Germany that would eventually lead to his advocacy for severe military force in response to any threat to the United States.

In a comparable trajectory with Teller, Marvel Comics introduced a nuclear weapon turned world breaker with its 2007 crossover storyline World War Hulk.

Comics & Complication, Stories to Guide Us – World War Hulk
A panel from World War Hulk.

Reeling from the betrayal of Marvel's Illuminati (Iron Man, Black Bolt, Mr. Fantastic, and Doctor Strange), Hulk spent his exile on a war-torn and gladiatorial planet Sakaar. Eventually growing more powerful from absorbing the planet's high radiation levels, Hulk elevated through the social structure of Sakaar to eventually become its ruler and settles into life with his newly pregnant wife and allies known as the Warbound. When his ship explodes and decimates the population on Sakaar, a bloodthirsty Hulk and his Warbound set course for Earth on a mission of retribution and revenge.

Although consistently referred to as a monster by his former peers, Hulk represents the reciprocity that occurs when one chooses to fight back against the governing powers that be, albeit incredibly exaggerated. During its initial release, Marvel fans were reeling from the discourse that occurred in Civil War and the horrific shooting of Captain America…that is, the beatdown from Hulk was more than just a storyline to those still upset with the premise of the Superhero Registration Act.

Comics & Complication, Stories to Guide Us – World War Hulk
A preview page from World Walk Hulk.

The escapism that comes from reading such a storyline delivers a means of catharsis for anger issues even now. Teller and Banner are the brilliant and revolutionary scientists that society wants, but its the decimating Hulks that it creates. The trade concludes with Manhattan effectively leveled, and SHIELD operatives take Bruce Banner prisoner, and it's final words echo as we see the emergence of Skaar, Son of Hulk. Anger is generational, and it will continue to fester until addressed.

Comics & Complication, Stories to Guide Us – World War Hulk
A preview page from World Walk Hulk.

This is the story of the Hulk,

and how he finally came home.

"They can call you whatever they want," he said.

"Savior. Destroyer."

"All that matters is what you choose."

Bear witness to his choice, children.

And give thanks to your Gods,

And then pray for their mercy.

For tonight the Hulk may sleep,

But his rage will never die.

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