Despite Peacock TV's Best Efforts, We Saw SOME Men's Ladder Action

Bleeding Cool attempted to bring you immediate recaps of the WWE's Money in the Bank men's ladder match, but their stream was so unwatchable all we could do was write this very article to complain about what appears to be an army of pixelated demons scuttled onto the screen between moments of the screen blacking out so we can only assume that Charlotte Flair was flipping the bird at the crowd again.

Despite Peacock TV's Best Efforts, We Saw SOME Men's Ladder Action
WWE Money in the Bank Graphic. Image: WWE

In between the moments of the stream failing, we had time to confirm that Peacock TV's net revenue was estimated at $604 million in January of this year, according to Media Post.  After a brief glimpse of Drew McIntyre and Big E being on the ground, we went back to our internet search for more Peacock TV fun facts.  The CEO of NBCUniversal, the parent company that owns Peacock TV, Jeff Shell, has a net worth of $22.9 million as of March 1 this year.  

While we all watched what was either two Elvis impersonators or Shinsuke Nakamura and John Morrison climb a ladder from Minecraft, we can only assume that Mr. Shell was tying orphans to train tracks while laughing maniacally.

Either an orphan got free from the dastardly clutched of Peacock TV and fixed the feed, or corporate overloads earned enough money to restore the stream, but finally, we were able to see what was going on.

We picked up with Kevin Owens being slammed into a ladder spine first by an unlikely team of Seth Rollins and John Morrison.  Unintimidated by a two-on-one fight, Drew McIntyre tried to pick up where Owens left on and take on the Rollins/Morrison storm.  Eventually, the infighting led Rollins to be the only man in the ring, but everyone rallied against the former Monday Night Messiah and punished him with a beating.

The match was clearly quick-moving, and all the men were using every opportunity to use their biggest moves possible against their opponents.  Most notably, Drew McIntyre took out Matt Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura with a double Claymore Kick before launching himself into the rest of the roster, who stood by ringside.

Unopposed, McIntyre set up a ladder but was thwarted by the modern-day maharaja, Jinder Mahal, and his lackeys.  In a surprising move, they dragged a lifeless McIntyre out of the ring while Riddle and Ricochet fought on a ladder in the center of the ring.  With the Money in the Bank contract within fingertips reach, Rollins nearly ascended a second ladder while his opponents were distracted.  Big E wasn't ready to let anyone win that easy and dragged Rollins from the ladder before the rest of the contenders for the contract one at a time entered the ring and attempted their own climb.  

Kevin Owens, who everyone rightfully assumed was out of the fight, made a courageous comeback and executed back-to-back stunners on Morrison and Shinsuke.  Clearly remembering their feud, which extended back to 2019, Rollins grabbed KO from the ladder and threw him outside the ring with such ferocity that no one would be surprised if Owens was broken in half.  Rollins nearly had the Money in the Bank contract in hand, but again Big E utilized an unforgiving defense and cleared his opponent from contention by slamming him off the ladder.  

Refusing to waste even a moment, Big E hurried up the ladder to the contract and secured his first win as Mr. Money in the Bank.  Now, the big question is if Big E will set his sights on his former Intercontinental Championship or a completely different belt…only time will tell.

PS Peacock TV, you are the WORST.

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