Money in the Bank: Edge vs. Roman WITH A SECRET MYSTERY GUEST

After Peacock TV tried to ruin everyone's time by attempting to stream through what we can only assume was a potato, the final match of WWE's Money in the Bank pay-per-view event came down Edge vs. Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship belt.  In what was either technical difficulties or Peacock was attempting to charge their notoriously reliable streaming equipment, Edge waited inside the ring for an uncomfortable amount of time before his opponent, the Head of the Table, finally entered the Dickies arena in Fort Worth, Texas.

WWE Money at the Bank Graphic. Image: WWE
WWE Money at the Bank Graphic. Image: WWE

Earlier in the night, Jimmy and Jey Uso were able to re-secure their tag team championship belts, and Roman made it clear that he intended to keep victory in the family.  The rules of the fight were standard; either by submission or pin, one man would leave the ring as the Universal Champion.  

This Money in the Bank match began very differently than the others which preceded it.  The two men stood with eyes locked as the fans screamed, "Let's go Roman, let's go Edge" at the top of their lungs.  As Roman's manager Paul Heyman lurked nearby, the wrestlers sized each other up, neither knowing who would be the first to make a big move of the night.  Edge attempted to get a reaction out of Roman by giving him a demeaning slap, but even still, they relented from attempting anything big.  

The mind games between the men dragged on until Roman finally made a statement by shouldering Edge out of the ring, taking the Money in the Bank crowd by surprise.  It was minutes into the match, and the crowd was practically begging for something big to happen, but both men were more keen on playing the long game and antagonizing one another in more of a pissing contest than actual wrestling.  Finally, Paul Heyman gave Roman a pep talk which seemed to increase the momentum of the match.   

Unfortunately, nearly five minutes into the match and the crowd may as well watch paint drying.  The energy high flying fast moving ladder match, which had the crowd on its feet, was all but gone as even fans in the front row began looking at their phones more than the fight.  The problem with this match was the mind-numbingly dull pace that the two wrestlers were fighting at.  Even with the announcers trying to make another half-assed move sound entertaining, fans simply weren't buying it.  There were a few highlights of the match, like Edge driving Roman through the barricade, but they were too far and few between.  Usually, a ref being taken out mid-match could turn the energy of a fight, but Charles Robinson gently flailing against the ropes after a bump from Edge didn't quite get the pop the crowd needed.

Finally, fans were put out of their misery as the Usos entered the ring to assist Roman but were thwarted by the Mysterios.  Without the ref to keep an eye on the ring, Rollins took advantage of the distraction and landed a devastating kick to the back of Edge's infamously injured neck.  Finally, we were put out of our misery with this lackadaisical match when Roman finally pinned Edge to what was the biggest letdown of the night.

In the end, Money in the Bank concluded with an apathetic meh.

HOWEVER, JUST AS WE WERE READY TO END THIS COVERAGE, JOHN CENA DESCENDED FROM THE HEAVENS SUSTAINING ONE LONG NOTE LIKE THE ANGEL HE IS.  While fans predicted that the WWE might be bringing Cena back just before SummerSlam, there was still an electricity in the air just as his music kicked off.

Cena hasn't been seen since Wrestlemania 36, where he lost to Fiend and went completely MIA from the WWE universe until now.  

Predictable as usual, but at least the Money in the Bank evening actually ended with a bang.

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