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Second Krakoan Age Of X-Men Announced - Destiny Of X Titles
They promised us the big announcement for the X-Men titles today and, as the New York offices were shutting up for the night, someone over there went and pressed the button for Destiny Of X, with this image from Leinil Yu and Sunny Gho. The titles are Immortal X-Men, Marauders, X-Force, Knights Of X, X-Men, Legion[...]
Kevin Eastman Up For Turtles/Daredevil Or Turtles/Kamandi Crossover
Though he did show off an upcoming X Lives/Death Of Wolverine cover… Kevin Eastman X Lives/Deaths Of Wolverine cover And Kevin Eastman also stated that he had pitched DC Comics a couple of times for a Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover With all of the hybrid human-animal types from the post-apocalyptical wasteland[...]
Wolverine Arrives as Good Smile's Newest Marvel Nendoroid Figure
Coming straight from Canada, your favorite invisible mutant Wolverine is back and in an adorable new format This Wolverine is loaded with detail, comes with swappable parts and a nice set of accessories to keep fans busy Starting with swappable parts, Good Smile Company included two mouthpieces showing off angry and open-mouthed expressions Wolverine will[...]
Deadpool Returns to X-Force with Medicom's Newest Marvel MAFEX Figure
Wolverine is back and ready to do the one thing he does best with Medicom's new MAFEX figure This deadly X-Men is trading in his classic yellow and blue design for something a little more stealthily with the return of his X-Force uniform Standing just shy of 6" tall, this powerful mutant is loaded with[...]
Cover image for Wolverine #18
Of course, previews wouldn't be complete (according to the Bleeding Cool handbook) without SEO-rich keyword text in the opening paragraph and a clickbait headline, so that's what you're gonna get, baby! Wolverine is a loner, bub, who prefers to do things on his own Except when he doesn't That's how a gruff, stabby little Canadian[...]
Marvel Releases Trailer for X Lives and X Deaths of Wolverine
Marvel has released a trailer for the upcoming X Lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine series, launching in January and promising to be the biggest Wolverine story of all time and compared by Marvel to House of X and Powers of X in terms of scope and style With two interwoven series, each[...]
Marvel Asks What If... Miles Morales was Captain America? in March
Following up on their What If…? tease that wondered What If… Wolverine had four claws instead of three (we see what you're doing there, Marvel), Marvel has revealed details on their plans to launch a new What If…? series starring Miles Morales The concept is Miles following in the footsteps of heroes other than Spider-Man,[...]
X Lives Of Wolverine: Check Out The New Variant Covers From Marvel
Marvel is selling its upcoming five-issue series X Lives of Wolverine as the biggest story of all time for the character  That's a pretty hefty promise, considering he is one of the most known and beloved superheroes in all of comic book history  And with the hype that big, you would expect Marvel to step up with[...]
John Byrne Creates Wolverine Origin Comic As If He'd Have Told It
Cebulski approached John Byrne over publishing the comic book as an official Marvel series, but Byrne declined. Dubbed X-Men: Elsewhen, John Byrne recently finished issue 27 and has started issue 28, seeing Shaman of Alpha Flight helping Wolverine's healing process, which has seen Logan travel through his own timeline, from the start to the present Wolverine's[...]
LEGO Reveals Three New Marvel Comics Mech Armor Mini-Sets
LEGO has revealed not one but three new Mech Armor figures are on the way with Wolverine, Black Panther, and Iron Man Standing roughly 4.5" tall, each suit of armor will feature articulated parts and will be designed after each Marvel hero counterpart All of the sets will feature one mini-figure that can be placed[...]
Auto Draft
But even from the get-go, it would have Wolverine in it and the subsequent Punisher Vs Wolverine fight from his run was half the reason he got the Uncanny X-Men and X-Men gig But here, especially with Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Kingpin, and the use of zip-a-tone, we get the Frank Miller/Klaus Janson look of the[...]
X Lives And Deaths Of Wolverine Solicitations For February 2022
X Lives Of Wolverine (X stands for 10) and X Deaths Of Wolverine (X stands for an indeterminate number) are a pair of interlocking comic book series in the House Of X/Powers Of X mode written by Benjamin Percy, with artists Joshua Cassara, Federico Vicentini, and Adam Kubert And now Marvel have solicitation details for[...]
Laura Kinney X-23 Prepares for War with Iron Studios New X-Men Statue
She appears to be displayed in her black and grey X-Force costume, which is always a hit, and I hope we can get an All-New Wolverine Variant statue in the future Priced at $169.99, this X-23 statue will be a perfect collectible to enhance your battle diorama or if you just love X-23 like me[...]
A Better Look At The X Lives And X Deaths Of Wolverine
Claws for concern, Wolverine? There's a lot of lateness in the comic book industry right now, thanks to paper shortage, printer schedules, distribution and shipping issues and basically, too much demand, not enough supply, as well as added demands on editorial and creative in the new normal Whatever the reason, a lot of comic books are[...]
Cover image for X-MEN LEGENDS #8
The great Larry Hama continues to revisit his classic run on Wolverine in this preview of X-Men Legends #8, in stores from Marvel on Wednesday And it's remarkable to see just how little the ol' Canucklehead has changed over the years Still stabbing fools wherever he goes, including on the sea! Check out the preview[...]