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Wolverine Is No Longer The Best There Is At What He Does (Spoilers)
Wolverine is the best there is at what he does and what he does isn't very pretty It's up there with great responsibility in terms of superhero comic book creeds, for Wolverine First written by Chris Claremont, it has been used again… …and again… …and again. Even for his clones. Maybe Wolverine is even starting to believe it himself[...]
Interior preview page from X-MEN LEGENDS #2 KAARE ANDREWS COVER
Wolverine and Jack O'Diamonds butt heads in this preview of X-Men Legends #2 Check out the preview below. X-Men Legends #2 by Roy Thomas & Dave Wachter, cover by Kaare Andrews WOLVERINE…VERSUS THE X-MEN?! Department H has sent their operative WEAPON X, A.K.A WOLVERINE, on a mission to retrieve "dangerous individuals" – who just so happen to be[...]
Marvel Comics
As Amazing Spider-Man finally gets round to crossing over with the previous-to-this-one X-Men crossover event, in today's Amazing Spider-Man #9 we get this utterly gorgeous Wolverine facing off against Spider-Man scene that will be one for the legends Expect posters, T-shirts, statue recreations of Patrick Gleason and Marcio Menyz's page here If there's a second[...]
Interior preview page from GHOST RIDER #6 KAEL NGU COVER
Wolverine replies: and Ghost Rider We'll be here all weekend 🍆🍆 It's a preview of Ghost Rider #6 Read the preview below. Ghost Rider #6 by Benjamin Percy & Brent Peeples, cover by Kael Ngu There's somebody else out there who knows what it means to suffer – to feel sickened by the pain and suffering they've inflicted[...]
Interior preview page from WOLVERINE #24 ADAM KUBERT COVER
There's a super-mega-crossover event going on in this preview of Wolverine #24, which is the perfect distraction for Hellbride to kill Wolverine and Solem Check out the preview below. Wolverine #24 by Benjamin Percy & Federico Vicentini, cover by Adam Kubert HELL ON EARTH – AN A.X.E TIE-IN! The Hand's HELLBRIDE seeks revenge on WOLVERINE and SOLEM[...]
Wolverine Should Not Be Logan In The MCU, When The Time Comes
Wolverine is one of the most iconic comic characters, and his status cannot be disputed Naturally, when Hugh Jackman became Logan in the Fox X-Men films for almost twenty years, people had strong opinions about it, but by the time Logan rolled around in 2017, I think he had won most of them over Now,[...]
Interior preview page from WOLVERINE: PATCH #5 GEOFF SHAW COVER
Nick Fury thinks he can outmatch Wolverine in the final issue of his own mini-series in this preview of Wolverine: Patch #5 Has he never read a comic before? Check out the preview below. Wolverine: Patch #5 by Larry Hama & Andrea Di Vito, cover by Geoff Shaw LAW'S OUT, CLAWS OUT! S.H.I.E.L.D[...]
Wolverine Has Quite The "Crossover" With Fortnite, Today
As The Imagined tells Wolverine her story, and her relationship with The Imagined Order as one of the daughters of Geno. Might a Geno/Mister Sinister crossover be in the offing at some point? Maybe not in the way that The Imagined and Wolverine are thinking. And we learn little Fortnite lore along the way regarding this particular[...]
More PX Exclusive Marvel Comics Tin Lunchboxes Arrive at Diamond 
His design comes to us from Frank Miller's Daredevil: The Man Without Fear with an eye-popping red color that will make your lunch really stand out.  Things then get deadly as Wolverine is back and ready to slice and dice up your lunch This Marvel Comics tin lunchbox features our favorite mutant from Card #2 of[...]
Wolverine Returns to Japan with New Ronin Statue from Sideshow
An iconic part of the legacy of the X-Men known as Wolverine has arrived at Sideshow Collectibles Logan is back in Japan with an incredible Marvel Comics inspired Wolverine: Ronin Premium Format statue I have always loved Wolverine's time in Japan, and it really shows his more human side and a time outside of constant[...]
Ms. Marvel Writer Fatimah Asghar on X-Men, Wolverine Possibilities
"Like, I think about the character of Wolverine and having Kamala, like, riff off of Wolverine… that exists in the comics… I think that there's that moment where like, Wolverine comes and helps her, I've always loved that And I think that if we ever got to see that, you know, I know that that's[...]
Interior preview page from MS. MARVEL & WOLVERINE #1 SARA PICHELLI COVER
Marvel teams up with Wolverine in this preview of Ms Marvel & Wolverine #1 Is this the first step toward making her a mutant in the comics? Check out the preview below. Ms Marvel & Wolverine #1 by Jody Houser & Ze Carlos, cover by Sara Pichelli A DIRE THREAT A DANGEROUS MYSTERY AND ONLY THE TOUGHEST HEROES[...]
Weapon X Wolverine Debuts with Another Age of Apocalypse Statue 
Some instances include Peter Parker with Mary Jane Watson, Booster Gold meeting Blue Beetle, there always being a Batman, and the love triangle of Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Wolverine In the Age of Apocalypse storyline, Wolverine lost his arm to Cyclops for trying to rescue Jean from the grasp of Mr Sinister This badass version[...]
To stop the slaughter of innocent villagers in this preview of Wolverine: Patch #4, Wolverine must slaughter the slaughterers Check out the preview below. Wolverine: Patch #4 by Larry Hama & Andrea Di Vito, cover by Geoffrey Shaw WAR ON MULTIPLE FRONTS – WITH PATCH IN THE MIDDLE! What started as simple recon in the jungles of Madripoor[...]
X-Men: Days of Future Past 1973 Wolverine Figure Debuts from Hot Toys 
Wolverine has traveled into the past into his 1973 self once again, giving fans a truly incredible figure Hugh Jackman returns as the one and only Wolverine with a fully tailored outfit, bone claws, and perfect likeness to the actor All of his live-action X-Men glory is back with an impressive assortment of clothing and[...]