X-Men: James Mangold “Daphne Keen Carried Logan”

X-Men: James Mangold "Daphne Keen Carried Logan"

There's no doubt the biggest breakout star for Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine in Logan (2017) was Daphne Keen The young actress played Laura/X-23, a young female clone of Wolverine The main difference between the two is Logan/James Howlett has three claws on each hand and a skeleton enhanced by adamantium X-23 has two[...]

Own X-Men History with CGC 9.6 Giant-Sized X-Men #1 on ComicConnect

Own X-Men History with CGC 9.6 Giant-Sized X-Men #1 on ComicConnect

The issue even brought the hugely popular Wolverine onto the team and we know how popular he gets, and it all started here Storm, Colossus, and Nightcrawler are all huge members of the X-Men world now and who knows where our favorite mutants would be without them. [gallery link="file" columns="2" size="large" ids="1210154,1210155"] ComicConnect has this comic and[...]

Marvel Designer Collectible Figures from Unruly Industries

Marvel Heroes Get Designer Collectibles from Unruly Industries

The four figures coming out are Black Panther, Captain America, Wolverine, and Spider-Man.[caption id="attachment_1191757" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] Marvel Designer Collectible Captain America Figure, photos from Unruly Industries, group shot.[/caption][gallery size="large" ids="1191754,1191755,1191756,1191758,1191759,1191760"] First up is Black Panther, who is wearing facepaint, sporting headphones, and wearing some unique traditional clothing from Wakanda[...]


X-Men/Fantastic Four #3 Recap: The Failure of Krakoan Diplomacy

Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magneto, Rogue, Wolverine, Professor C, Beast, and Nightcrawler are the X-Men team for this issue Cyclops puts on a helmet to direct his optic blast through the plane and shoots down the Fantastic Four's ship.The ship lands on an island and a battle breaks out Wolverine is able to cut a hole[...]

The cover to Wolverine #2 from Marvel Comics, with art by Adam Kubert and Frank Martin.

Wolverine #2 Recap: Wolverine Does What He Does Best Again and Again

Wolverine #2 was written by Benjamin Percy with art by Adam Kubert, colors by Frank Martin, and letters by Cory Petit It's only the second issue of the series, but like all of Marvel's comics, its on a hiatus after this issue But Wolverine still must figure out who's been making street drugs out of[...]

John Byrne at NYCC

John Byrne Originally Imagined a Very Different Wolverine

Wolverine is a superhero with an iconic look with and without his mask on, but if legendary artist John Byrne had his way, the Logan we know and love might have looked a lot different.[caption id="attachment_1189230" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Photo by Luigi Novi / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)[/caption]Marvel executive Tom Brevoort has been sharing old Marvel artwork[...]

A stack of comic books from comic book publishers.

X-Men, Wolverine, Kill Lock, & Cat Sh-t? The Back Order List 3/25/2020

The rest of the list is just one title from several companies, as sales were down for this last week of new comics for the foreseeable future…DC had one comic go on the Back Order List, the Variant Cover for Batgirl #45 from the Dodsons.IDW saw another issue of the Kill Lock go on the[...]


Wolverine, X-Men, Batman Top Bleeding Cool Bestseller List 3/29/2020

Wolverine #2, and X-Men #9 were Marvel Comics' tops among retailers this week, with Batman: Curse of the White Knight #8 landing as DC Comics biggest success for the week among contributing retailers This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday[...]

Cable Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin Wants to Play Cable Again According to Rob Liefeld

The guy is just one of our greatest actors."He even went as far as to predict that, while he has said he is done, Hugh Jackman will return as Wolverine at some point and appear next to Reynold's Deadpool at some point: "I don't like to speculate on things that can't possibly be, but I'm stubborn[...]

X-Men (1/5) Movie CLIP - Claws Out (2000) HD

Wolverine Pops His Claws: Let's Revisit Hugh Jackman's Debut Scene

Wolverine is one of those characters that just puts a smile on people's faces For years, comic fans felt like they were in a special club, knowing that Logan was one of those characters that could only exist in comics We got to read his stories, he belonged to us Sure, the X-Men cartoon in[...]

bros drinking it up

Rick Remender's Wild Hearts of Darkness Sequel Would Bring Back CapWolf

Strange, in a polyamorous relationship with Clea and Brother Voodoo, a vampire Wolverine, the return of CapWolf, and the invention of the Cosmic Ghost Rider 7 years early.Thanks to coronavirus quarantines, superstar writer Rick Remender has been taking a little trip down memory lane, posting old artwork from his comics and sharing rejected story ideas, mostly[...]

Drive-In Collage

Drive-Ins Are Making a Comeback, 5 Double Features To Rewatch There Now

They are the best there is at what they do, and that first John Wick film pairs perfectly with Hugh Jackson's final turn as the Wolverine Bonus points for showing the ultra cool Noir cut of Logan, which hasn't been seen on a big screen many times before that I know of.What double features would[...]

Wolverine2-1 copy

Wolverine Doing What He Does Best in Wolverine #2 [Preview]

Wolverine is said to be the best he is at what he does Well, he's actually the one who says that It's kind of like when Donald Trump says that "a lot of people say" something He means himself In any case, Wolverine, the Donald Trump of X-Men, is the self-proclaimed best he is at[...]

Darkhold Alpha

Will Molly Leave the Runaways to Live on Krakoa This Summer?

That's right, they're having a Wolverine guest appearance in the book Marvel's solicit for Runaways #34 reveals that the X-Men's mission to recruit all mutants to come live on Krakoa will extend to Molly, with Wolveirne and Pixie apparently trying to recruit her And as if we didn't love this book enough, just take a[...]

Cable #1 [Preview]

Cable Kicks Wolverine's Butt in Cable #1 [Preview]

Ever wonder who would win in a fight? Wolverine or Cable? What if Cable weren't a gruff old man with Liefeld muscles, but a teenage boy? Oh, you think that changes the equation in Wolverine's favor, do you? Well, just have a look at this preview for Cable #1, by the Gerry Duggan of Comics,[...]

REVIEW: Black Cat #10 -- "This Is One Madripoor Vacation You'll Love"

REVIEW: Black Cat #10 — "This Is One Madripoor Vacation You'll Love"

(Marvel Comics, creative team: Jed McKay, Kris Anka, Brian Reber, Ferran Delgado) Do you like fun? Do you like wild, kinetic action? Do you like brilliantly executed framing devices used to illustrate the point? If you answered "yes" to all those questions, you are in the right place as a heist that follows all the […]

Hugh Jackman Celebrates Wolverine With Sweet 'Logan' Post

Hugh Jackman played Wolverine for the better part of two decades, bringing life to the mutant every comic fan knows and loves It all culminated in the release of the brutal, emotional, and fantastic Logan, directed by James Mangold It was the first R-rated mutant film, and Hugh Jackman campaigned for its release for years[...]

Dazzler Finally Lands on Marvel Unlimited This Month

Dazzler Finally Lands on Marvel Unlimited This Month

But Danny Fingeroth and Frank Springer are the creative team for the bulk of these issues.In addition, Marvel has added issue #69-74 of Wolverine's first solo ongoing, part of Larry Hama's long run as writer with Dwayne Turner on art for these issues Punisher/Captain America: Blood & Glory, a three-issue comic by Klaus Jansen and[...]

Do Wolverine Toys Have Two Dicks – A Bleeding Cool Investigation

Do Wolverine Toys Have Two D***s? A Bleeding Cool Investigation

Look, I never thought I’d be walking the Wolverine dick beat I thought I’d show up at C2E2, lob some softball questions at creators, eat an Italian Beef or five, haunt Artist Alley til I got all the things signed I brought, then head back home again the way I came to Chicago, a stranger[...]