ComiXology is Holding an X-Men: Near Extinction Sale

All week long, the new writers of the upcoming Uncanny X-Men relaunch have been telling us how important it is to torture the X-Men for good stories.

Said Matthew Rosenberg:

I think the best X-Men stories need two things that often seem in opposition, but are entirely crucial. First they need real danger. The X-Men go through more pain, hardships, and suffering than any other superheroes. That's their lot in life. And they always come out the other side, but that should be tested every time.

And Kelly Thompson:

I wish I could say writers don't love putting characters we love through rough stuff… but I think that would be a bold-faced lie. [T]here's nothing I like more than making people laugh and fall in love and then really making them feel something and be moved – which sometimes means tragedy – and then making them laugh again. I think we've got a great emotional narrative at the heart of this event. One that I hope fans will respond to.

And Ed Brisson:

Anyone who's read any of my work knows that I love to put characters through the wringer, and UNCANNY X-MEN will not be an exception. We're pushing some of these characters in ways that they've never been pushed before.

And that doesn't even take into account the three of them conspiring to kill off Honey Badger (R.I.P.).

And we guess it's true; the most memorable stories in X-Men cannon seem to occur when the X-Men are driven to their lowest points. It's with that in mind, perhaps, that ComiXology is running an X-Men Near Extinction sale.

ComiXology is Holding an X-Men: Near Extinction Sale

Featuring 27 collections and 236 single issues, you'll find stories where the X-Men suffer dearly, such as Mutant Massacre, House of M, Days of Future Past, and X-Tinction Agenda. So if you didn't get enough X-Men torture in this week's Extermination #1, and can't wait for more X-Men torture in Uncanny X-Men in November, head to ComiXology to check out the sale.


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