Corey Egbert Turns Visitations into YA Graphic Novel

Designer and illustrator Corey Egbert, creator of the online comic book Spillside, has sold his debut YA graphic novel Visitations to Joy Peskin at FSG for publication in two-and-a-half years, the winter of 2022. The story features a teenage version of the author, Corey, and his younger sister, Sarah, as they struggle with visits to see their father, their mother's extreme religious interpretations, and their own faith. Their mother's visions lead them on a journey into the Nevada desert where nights become surreal adventures for Corey. Visitations is based on true events from the author's life, combined with an element of magical realism. His agent Nicole Tugeau at Tugeau 2 brokered the deal. On social media, he told his audience,

Guys this is a huge thing for me. Remember my "magic lantern" gif series? A few months ago my agent Nicole shared the gifs with Joy at FSG, and she had the vision to see potential for a graphic novel. When I got the email from Nicole asking if I'd be interested in such a project, I was nervous about tackling something so big and personal, but its been an AMAZING process so far. Joy and Nicole's expertise have really helped me grow immensely, and writing this has been quite a journey. I hope the book will be an inspiring adventure for everyone who reads it.

You can see the original stories right here, and below. Egbert is a full-time designer and illustrator — creating books, posters, shirts, album covers, logos and more. He has exhibited his work in galleries and won awards for illustration and printmaking. If Dinosaurs Could Talk for Me was the first book that he has both written and illustrated, but has completed several picture books for kids since, including a number with a Christian theme. But here's what the Magic Lantern comic was…

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