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Cartoonist Embedded With Julia Salazar Creates Campaign Graphic Novel
Along the way, Warren works toward answers for questions she didn't know she was asking: what makes a good leader? What does it mean to be a part of a community? Can democracy work? And if so, how can everyday people make it happen? Cartoonist Embedded With Julia Salazar Creates Campaign Graphic Novel All these themes will[...]
Foxes, Fire, And Other Magic OGN by Kyla Smith Picked Up By Macmillan
Foxes, Fire, And Other Magic is a new middle-grade graphic novel by Kyla Smith about Yuuki, a curious young fox spirit who stumbled into the human world during the annual Obon Festival and became trapped And Nao, a nonbinary noodle maker struggling to keep their parents' legacy alive They must learn to trust each other to save[...]
Lilah Sturges, Drew Johnson, Zid Adapt New Dune Film As Graphic Novel
But what about on the printed page, held close to my face? Because as I get on the train home, I learn that Legendary Comics, the comics imprint of Legendary who made the movie, is to adapt their movie adaptation by Denis Villeneuve of the novel by Frank Herbert, into a graphic novel Written by[...]
Catalyst: Self-Made Hero Launches UK Anthology by Creators of Colour
She is currently working in production on Netflix's DEADENDIA, based on the graphic novels of which she was the editor. Txabi Jones is a freelance graphic designer from Bilbao who has been living in London and working for corporate and not-for-profit organisations for over 20 years He has been with the SelfMadeHero team since October 2015. Asia Alfasi[...]
What New Harper Children's Editor Carolina Ortiz Looks For In OGNs
As well as adding "Also, seems like the perfect time to share my #MSWL [manuscript wishlist]… Looking forward to seeing those submissions come in! And agent colleagues, if it's been a minute since we've connected or have never had the chance before, I'm always up for a call or zoom coffee." Carolina Ortiz illustration by Emma[...]
Daniel Miyares Creates Middle-Grade Graphic Novel About Escaping Cuba
Daniel Miyares' agent Studio Goodwin Sturges represented the author-illustrator for world rights. Daniel Miyares Creates Middle-Grade Graphic Novel About Escaping Cuba Daniel Miyares is best known as the author-illustrator of books like Float, Night Out, That is My Dream, and Bring Me A Rock! working with the likes of Schwartz & Wade Books, Chronicle Books, Candlewick Press, Simon & Schuster[...]
 Unretouchable by Sofia Szamosi
Unretouchable by Sofia Szamosi is a YA graphic novel based on the author's own experiences, about body image, social media, and the invisible forces that shape the way we think about ourselves Picked up by Greg Hunter at Graphic Universe, Unretouchable tells the story of Olive, who is spending the summer before college at a to-die-for internship: helping[...]
YouTube Slime Queen, Karina Garcia, Creates Graphic Novel, Slime Shop
Slime Shop, is a new a middle-grade graphic novel by YouTube slime queen Karina Garcia, writer Kevin Panetta and artist Niki Smith Slime Shop tells the story of Bailey, her sister Sophia, and their friend Jayden run a slime shop out of Bailey's bedroom But what Bailey doesn't know is that when she's not around, the[...]
Jerry Craft's Graphic Novels Back In Texas Schools After Petition War
Jerry Craft, creator of the middle-grade graphic novels New Kid – the first graphic novel to win the Newbery Awards and Class Act has seen a speaking engagement withdrawn and his comic books pulled from a number of libraries after outrage was expressed by a group of parents part of the Katy Independent School District,[...]
A special preview event happening last night for the London Cartoon Museum's new exhibition for Black, a new graphic novel by Tobias Taitt and Anthony Smith f a new graphic memoir by Tobias Taitt and Anthony Smith The graphic novel adaptation from Soaring Penguin Press tells Tobais' story through from the care homes of 1970s Britain,[...]
Good Mourning, Debut YA Graphic Novel by Circe Moskowitz & Caleb Hosalla
Good Mourning, is the debut YA graphic novel by Circe Moskowitz and Caleb Hosalla The world English rights to this supernatural romance OGN have been picked up by Michelle Lee at Dial Books. Circe Moskowitz & Caleb Hosalla, via Dial Books PR Originally pitched as Schitt's Creek meets HGTV, Black vampire Theo trades in the city and[...]
Huda F Are You Graphic Novel By Huda Fahmy
Huda Fahmy, creator of webcomic @YesImHotInThis on Instagram is publishing a new YA graphic novel, after auctioning it to publishers Dial Books Huda F Are You? is described as being loosely inspired by Fahmy's own high school years, follows Huda through her first year of high school in Dearborn, Michigan, where she's just one of many hijabi[...]
Tomorrow, London Cartoon Museum Launches Black: Story Of Tobias Taitt
The graphic novel adaptation from Soaring Penguin Press tells Tobais' story through from the care homes of 1970s Britain, to prison, to discovering a passion for literature and turning his life around As well as an in-person event I am hoping to attend, the museum will also be holding a free online panel event, discussing[...]
Aaron Alexovich Sells Shock City Graphic Novel For Six Figures
Aaron Alexovich has sold the publishing rights for an undisclosed six-figure sum to his new middle-grade graphic novel Shock City, to Dana Leydig at Viking Shock City has been pitched as a younger reader Beetlejuice as uses characters from his previous graphic novel series, It's Not Scary. Aaron Alexovich Sells Shock City Graphic Novel For Six Figures Shock City[...]
Talking To Todd About King Spawn #1 Getting Half A Million Orders
We know it had 497,000 orders, so by that yardstick, X-Men: Trial Of Magneto #1 got around 120,000 orders, and X-Men #2 landed at just under 99,000… Top 400 Comics & Graphic Novels Ordered From Diamond In August 2021 Top 400 Comics Ordered From Diamond In August 2021 QtyRank RetailRank Index Product description Price Publisher 1 1 590.57 KING SPAWN #1 $5.99 IMAGE COMICS 2 2 144.39 X-MEN TRIAL OF MAGNETO #1 $4.99 MARVEL[...]