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Puffin vs. Penguin OGN by Helaine Becker and Kevin Sylvester
Penguin is a new graphic novel by Helaine Becker and Kevin Sylvester, to be published in the autumn of 2023. Puffin vs Penguin is a middle-grade graphic novel about friendship and collaboration and was picked up by Katie Scott at Kids Can Press, Helaine Becker has written over ninety children's books, including A Porcupine in a Pine[...]
Shakespeare YA Graphic Novels - Twelfth Grade Night and King Cheer
Twelfth Grade Night and King Cheer are the first two Shakespeare-based YA graphic novels in the Arden High series by Molly Horton Booth, Stephanie Kate Strohm and Jamie Green They have been bought by Kieran Viola and Rachel Stark at Disney-Hyperion to begin publication in the autumn of 2022. Shakespeare YA Graphic Novels – Twelfth Grade[...]
MPLS Sound, A Graphic Novel On Prince's Impact On Minneapolis Music
Sorry, I mean, together they are writing MPLS Sound, an original graphic novel about Prince and his musical legacy, drawn by Meredith Laxton And focusing on a Minneapolis band that did not exist, Starchild, MPLS Sound When Prince burst onto the pop scene in 1978, he put Minneapolis on the music map Many up-and-coming bands followed the[...]
Agnez Mo Creates Her Own Graphic Novel From Z2, Don't Wake Up
Indonesian singer and actress Agnez Mo is creating an all-new original graphic novel Don't Wake Up I say, creating, Z2 states that it is written by Karla Pacheco, and drawn by Peter V Nguyen and Andres Labrada. They quote Agnez Mo as saying "I've always enjoyed storytelling, whether through my songs when I write them or through my music videos[...]
New York Times Diary Cartoonist Agnes Lee Sells 49 Days Graphic Novel
New York Times Metropolitan Diary cartoonist and illustrator Agnes Lee is making her graphic novel debut with 49 Days, a YA graphic novel inspired by a Buddhist belief regarding death and the afterlife 49 Days is about a Korean American girl who has died and must journey for 49 days. 49 Days will be published by Nick Thomas at[...]
Bizard, The Bear Wizard, a New Young Graphic Novel by Chrissie Krebs
Chrissie Krebs has sold her new young graphic novel series Bizard, The Bear Wizard to Margaret Ferguson at Holiday House She has sold the world right to the two first Bizard, The Bear Wizard books, that will be published in the summer or 2023 and then the spring of 2024. Bizard, The Bear Wizard features a bear[...]
Debbie Fong's Debut Graphic Novel Next Stop From Random House Graphic
Debbie Fong has sold her debut graphic novel Next Stop to Gina Gagliano at Random House Graphic. Next Stop is a middle grade contemporary graphic novel that follows Pia as she deals with her brother's death and embarks on a magical road trip that changes her life. Debbie Fong's Debut Graphic Novel Next Stop From Random House Graphic Debbie[...]
Maggie Edkin Sells Two Graphic Novels to Roaring Brook for Six Figures
Book designer Maggie Edkins Willis has sold two middle-grade graphic novels at auction for a six-figure sum to Megan Abbate at Roaring Brook, Smaller Sister and Cheer Up Roaring Brook Press is part of Holtzbrinck Publishers, distributed by Macmillan, and already has a graphic novel imprint First: Second. Maggie Edkins Willis' Smaller Sister graphic novel Smaller Sister, scheduled for the spring[...]
Lumberjanes Co-Creator Grace Ellis' New OGN About Patricia Highsmith
– Patricia Highsmith, The Price of Salt.  Grace Ellis co-created and co-write the Boom Studios series, The Lumberjanes, author and creator of the series Moonstruck from Image Comics and is the writer of the upcoming graphic novel, Lois Lane and the Friendship Challenge for DC Comics And now she is writing a new graphic novel to[...]
Smithsonial Tropical Research Institiute Creates Graphic Novel
Martina And The Bridge Of Time is a new graphic novel by marine paleobiologist and staff scientist of Smithsonial Tropical Research Institiute, Aaron O'Dea, and illustrator and science communicator Ian Cooke Tapia. Martina And The Bridge Of Time – A Smithsonian Graphic Novel During a very boring school morning, Martina notices that her history book only starts[...]
John Zuur Platten & Atilio Rojo's St Mercy OGN From Image Comics
Mercy is a new graphic novel by John Zuur Platten and Atilio Rojo, to be released by Image Comics on the 26th of October, 2021. From the writer of Jurassic World Revolution, The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena and Wanted: Weapons of Fate comes a revenge tale that spans millennia! No good deed goes unpunished Mercedes[...]
Pina Varnel's Webcomic, ADHD Alien, Sold As Graphic Novel From Dial
ADHD Alien is a webcomic by comic book creator and animation visual development artist, Pina Varnel which has now been picked up by Lauri Hornik at Dial as a debut YA graphic novel Won at auction, ADHD Alien follows a girl with ADHD during the pivotal summer when she gets diagnosed and finally makes sense of[...]
Speak Up! Rebecca Burgess.
Speak Up! by author-illustrator Rebecca Burgess is a new contemporary middle-grade graphic novel, bought by Karen Chaplin at HarperCollins/Quill Tree, for publication in the autumn of 2022 It tells the story of an autistic girl who finds friendship where she least expects it and learns how to express her true self in a world where everyone is determined[...]
Claudia Gray's Superman: House of El Sequel Is The Enemy Delusion  
Claudia Gray and Eric Zawadski's House of El Book One: The Shadow Threat graphic novel was published by DC Comics in January 2021 Telling the story of pre-Superman Krypton through the eyes of two young people on opposite sides of the same extinction-level event Zahn, one of Krypton's elites: wealthy, privileged, a future leader, and[...]