One More Time – Crunching Mister Sinister's Gossip Column in Powers Of X #4

We had a go at translating a few of the blind items yesterday morning, but Bleeding Cool commentators had their own take – and I reckon a couple of them are on the money.

  • #1 is that a Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ reference? Red shoes=Ruby slippers?
  • #9 is clearly X23 and Jubilee… the kids are alight is referring to the movie about same-sex couples raising kids. They are not a couple but a lot of people seemed to like that one comic book they were in together. Also fireworks..
  • Danny Devlin 6 is Cassandra Nova in Stuff's body, from Morrison's run — she went by Ernst. 8 clearly refers to the Horsemen that were sealed along with half of Krakoa into the Inferno design.
  • Mathew Folwell Isn't the progerian mutant most likely Ernst, from Morrison's run, who was originally supposed to be Cassandra Nova('s prison)?
  • Diamond Dave Glaze  No one else noticed that Professor looked a lot like Cassandra in her first appearance? Same clothes…
  • Danny Devlin Ernst worked with Sinister to steal samples of mutant DNA in exchange for Martha Johansson getting a new body. Also, Stryfe doesn't have progeria, and Marta fits the bill for that one.
  • H-E-D   Apparently in the Spider-Man and the X-Men series, Ernst stole a bunch of mutant DNA sequences for Sinister
  • Branden Plummer So… is this how Adam X and/or Gambit are revealed to be Summers brothers like they were intended to be in the 90s?
  • Buxnalaus #2 is Jumbo Carnation, the eccentric mutant fashion designer from Morrison's New X-Men run. "The flower that's the fullest" = Jumbo Carnation. It's implying that he's among the many mutants back from the dead on Krakoa. #10 also answers itself. It's a little stinger to suggest that the Sinister that Magneto and Charles dealt with was replaced, taking Charles' telepathic suggestions out of play, meaning that Sinister isn't under his control.
  • FriedEggg On #10, there's been a lot of speculation that Sinister found a way to jump between Moira's lives. Perhaps using her DNA in life 9 (or earlier), he was able to loop himself into her rebooting life with his memory intact? Basically every time she dies, he resets to the point of her conception, but with the memory of the last life.
  • Cameron Williams – Sinister Secret #5 is AoU Wolverine and AoU Sue Storm.

Okay, so given that… let's do it one more time.

SINISTER SECRET #1 He's trying to pretend that no one noticed he was wearing red shoes, but this truly sinister Sinister isn't fooling anyone.

Mister Sinister from a different Moira MacTaggert timeline. And one who could return to his own reality, like Dorothy from Oz?

SINISTER SECRET #2 And speaking of fashion, the whisper network has turned into a roar regarding the return of this trendsetting mutant who was cut down in his prime. Will someone please tell all these mutants to stop wearing human clothes and join the stampede across their island full of flowers to the flower that's the fullest?

Jumbo Carnation, the eccentric mutant fashion designer from Morrison's New X-Men run.  It's implying that he's among the many mutants back from the dead on Krakoa.


SINISTER SECRET #3 Years ago, a deceased redheaded pretender made a pact with the devil. When she passed on, most believed that any secrets she had went with her to the grave. Won't everyone be surprised when they find out not only is this not true, but she left behind a whole lot more than secrets.

Secrets left behind by Madelyne Pryor, the clone of Jean Grey created by Mister Sinister. Was she still meant to be dead? I lost track.

SINISTER SECRET #4 While every Sinister has been busy wondering how they might be affected by current events, almost no one noticed what washed ashore. A word of advice to all things sinister: Don't embrace the revelry, or there won't be anything for you to celebrate.

The cocoon of Jean Grey found by the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, returning Jean Grey to life?

SINISTER SECRETS REVEALED! Certain people are wondering where the tyrant-dispelling Sinister got his mutant gene. And while that really isn't an interesting story, whom the DNA originally belonged to is.
[John Proudstar/Thunderbird]

One of the Giant-Sized X-Men new team, killed soon after their mission to Krakoa, Thunderbird is part of Mister Sinister. Not, say, Colossus.

SINISTER SECRET #5 He's the best there is at what he does. She's married with a kid. The husband knows exactly what's going on, but who is he to point the finger? He's up to much the same, and more. Maybe this is just the new normal on the mutant island.

Wolverine and Madelyne Pryor/Jean Grey with Cable as a son? Scott Summers and Emma Frost? Pr could this be the Age Of Ultron Wolverine and Susan Storm – who were meant to have disappeared into the timeline?

SINISTER SECRET #6 Everyone believed that the plan of this progerian mutant with secret sinister ties was foiled, but little did the gifted ones know that the destroyed samples were switched out beforehand.

And, yes, in Spider-Man and the X-Men #6, Sinister got these samples from Ernst…
…which were then destroyed. While also mentioning that Ernst felt as if she had been constructed.

SINISTER SECRET #7 Two brothers jumped out of a plane, and for the longest time, until he was discovered, many wondered if there was a third. If we told you there were more, would you believe me? Probably not.

Scott Summers and Alex Summers – and a third Summers brother in Vulcan. But could there be more Summers siblings?

SINISTER SECRET #8 For years, this fittest-of-all mutant has routinely surrounded himself with a particular-numbered entourage. These hangers-on stick around for a while until they are eventually replaced with newer, more exciting members. What most people don't know is that if the original members returned, these pretenders would be dropped so fast their heads would spin.

Apocalypse and his four horsemen. The return of the originals who emerged and divided Krakoa.

As seen in this issue and teased in Marvel Comics #1000.

One More Time - Crunching Mister Sinister's Gossip Column in Powers Of X #4

SINISTER SECRET #9 They say the kids are all right, but all is not right in paradise. This non-couple couple has been apart so long, friends are expecting that when they see each other again fireworks are going to ensue. Is the universe ready? Judging by how unprepared everyone was for what's happened so far, we kind of doubt it.

Yeah, that's X-23 and Jubilee, with Jubilee's kid.

SINISTER SECRETS REVEALED! We don't hear this word spoken often, so when we do, it's best to pay attention, because when you square that circle, what took a long time to build can come crumbling down rather quickly.

What was built up in Inferno? Jean and Scott? The revelation of Madelyne Pryor?

SINISTER SECRET #10 Which brainwashed mutant Sinister was replaced long before a certain bald somebody knew and has been in on the game for almost as long as the game was being played? Shhhhhhhh!

Considering the events in Invaders today, is this Namor? Or does it suggests that the Sinister that Magneto and Charles dealt with was replaced, meaning that Sinister is no longer under his control…

Thank you everyone…

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