The Cyber Spectre #1 Review: Unrealized Sci-Fi Potential

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Kiri is an agent for a large corporation, and she oversaw meting out justice on behalf of a supercomputer which discerned guilt. However, she was framed with the murder of another agent, and her former employers want her dead. She is trying to keep a low profile, but a man called Zero-One claims that he can help her out of this predicament.

Cyber Spectre #1 cover by Ale Graza
Cyber Spectre #1 cover by Ale Graza

Cyber Spectre #1 is one of those comics I don't enjoy reviewing. It was Kickstarted by a relatively unknown creative team, published through the smaller house Scout Comics, and it's not good at all.

The setting is vague and ill-defined. While the threat of automated justice is supposed to loom over the proceedings, the idea is never explored during the comic. In fact, you can easily forget that is a facet of this society.

The premise is good, mind you. The idea of justice being decided by an unknowable mechanical judge lends itself to many ideas. Unfortunately, even that is undercut by Zero-One all-but stating that someone has hijacked the process.

The characters and dialogue are abysmal. Neither Miki nor Zero-One ever engage the reader. The pacing is painfully slow with text and exposition dumps littering the pages.

Ale Garza's artwork is the strongest asset in the comic. While the sheen and heavy inking can be a little distracting, the overalls style is good and could easily be improved upon over time. Oracle Colors does some solid work too, even though the extremes of the spectrum could be toned down somewhat to aid in the atmosphere.

Cyber Spectre #1 has potential, but that potential is ignored by a comic that relies too much on the clichés of cyberpunk dystopian fiction and a main character who is all attitude but no personality. Unfortunately, this book doesn't earn a recommendation.

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