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Dark Crisis: The Big Bang Details The New DC Multiverse (Spoilers)

Tomorrow's Dark Crisis: Big Bang one-shot published by DC Comics, is a run around all the infinite worlds that have been now released courtesy of Pariah's actions in the Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths event. Some you may recognise…

Dark Crisis Big Bang

…such as the world seen in the recent Dark Knights Of Steel series, now established as part of the Multiverse and Omniverse. And it's not alone.

Dark Crisis Big Bang

There's also the world of the Jurassic League, with dinosaur DC Comics characters. There isn't as far as I can see, the universe which fell to DC Vs Vampires,  understandably… but it does pop up in the index, and in WildCATS #2, also out tomorrow.

DC Comics

And the Grifter in the DC Universe, it seems, is the one from DC Vs Vampires who jumped next door like Rick Sanchez. Though last issue it was DCeased. Is it all a grift? But back to Dark Crisis: Big Bang, more and more and more worlds play out…

Dark Crisis Big Bang

There's even the Earth 33, universe from which you are sitting and reading the comic, or reading Bleeding Cool…

Dark Crisis Big Bang

And Earth 66 for Batman '66, the one in which The Joker has a moustache with makeup on top. And then we have a new list of worlds, not comprehensive, only purporting to be what the Flash can jot down as he whizzes from reality to reality… but at least he writes down which comic book series they are from, courtesy of doing some speed reading on Earth 33. And including way down the dial, and Amalgam universe, just in case Marvel and DC want to do some talking.

Dark Crisis Big Bang

  • Earth 0 —"My" Earth, home to the JLA and others
  • Earth-I —Younger JLA variants just starting out (Superman: Earth One et al.)
  • Earth-2 — The Justice Society of America (New 52)
  • Earth 3 —The Crime Syndicate
  • Earth-4 —Variants of the Question, Blue Beetle. Captain Atom, et al. (Multiversity Par Americana)
  • Earth-5 —Variants of the Shazam family (Multiversity: Thunderworld Adventures)
  • Earth-6 —Wildly alternate variants of Earth-0 heroes (lust Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe)
  • Earth-7 —Destroyed; sole survivor. Thunderer (Multiversity #1)
  • Earth-8 — "Angor." home of the Retaliators
  • Earth 9 —The "Tangent Heroes" (DC: Tangent Comics)
  • Earth-10 —The Freedom Fighters
  • Earth-11 —Reversed-gender variants of Earth-0 heroes and villains
  • Earth-12 —A future Earth home to a young "Batman Beyond"
  • Earth-13 —An Earth based on magic rather than science; home of Superdemon
  • Earth-14 —Justice League of Assassins (deceased) (Superman v4 #15)
  • Earth-15 —Home of the Cosmic Grail
  • Earth-16 —Home of celebrity sidekicks the Just (Multiversity The Just)
  • Earth-17—Ravaged by nuclear war in 1986; home of the Atomic Knights
  • Earth-18 — Frozen in Old West times; home of the Justice Riders
  • Earth-19 — Steampunk heroes (Gotham by Gaslight et al.)
  • Earth-20 —The Society of Super-Heroes, -pulp magazine"-style adventurers
  • Earth-21 —A ILA created during the Space Race (DC: The New Frontier)
  • Earth-22 —A future Earth marred by a war that claimed most superheroes (Kingdom Come)
  • Earth-23 —Home of President Calvin Ellis, a.k.a. Superman (Action Comics v2 u9 et al.)
  • Earth-24 —Predominantly female heroes fight World War II (DC Comics: Bombshells)
  • Earth-25 —Adventurer Tom Strong and friends
  • Earth-26 —The anthropomorphic Zoo Crew
  • Earth-27 — Dinosaur JLAers (The Jurassic League)
  • Earth-28 —Heroes fight using mechanized war suns (DO Mech)
  • Earth-29 —The backward Bizarroverse
  • Earth-30 —Superman's rocket lands in Soviet Russia (Superman: Red Son)
  • Earth-31 —Home to Leatherwing and other "pirate heroes" (Detective Annual #7 et al.)
  • Earth-32 – Random combinations of Earth – 0 heroes (Batman: In Darkest Knight, et al.)
  • Earth-33 — A world in which all superheroes are fictional (Flash #179 et al)
  • Earth-34 —The Light Brigade
  • Earth-35 —The Super Americans
  • Earth-36 — Optiman and friends
  • Earth-37 — A grim world of rapid technological advancements (Batman: Thrillkiller et al.)
  • Earth-38 — Older multi-generational Earth-0 variants (Superman & Batman: Generations)
  • Earth-39 – Agents of WONDER
  • Earth-40 – Evil counterprits of Earth-20's heroes
  • Earth-41 – Spore, Dino-Cop,, Nightcracker, and others
  • Earth-42 – Cute "chibi" Earth-0 counterparts
  • Earth-43 — A vampire Justice League (Batman & Dracula: Red Rain)
  • Earth-44 —Robotic JLA variants
  • Earth-45 — Creators of Superdoomsday
  • Earth-46 — A grim young Batman with a unique, unrecognizable rogues' gallery (Batman: The Gargoyle of Gotham)
  • Earth-47 — The Love Syndicate of Dreamworld, the inferior Five (Pres #1. et al.)
  • Earth-48 — The Forerunners, genetically engineered warriors
  • Earth-49 — Lois Lane dies, turning Superman dark (Injustice)
  • Earth-50 —The tyrannical Justice Lords
  • Earth-51 —Anaccelerated timeline where Earth met with a Great Disaster and is ruled by talking animals (Kamands, the Last Boy on Earth #41 et al)
  • Earth-52 —The Primate Legion, sapient metasimians
  • Earth-54 —Humankind lands on Mars in 1960; Earth of astronaut Tommy Tomorrow
  • Earth-55 — Zombie versions of Earth-0 heroes (DCeased
  • Earth-59 —Home of Wonder Woman Tan Terruna (Note• first known parallel Earth) (Wonder Woman v1 #59)
  • Earth-63 —Overrun with vampire counterparts of Earth-0 heroes (DC vs Vampires)
  • Earth-66 —Batman and Robin face exceptionally benign villains (Batman '66)
  • Earth-93 —The Dakotaverse (Icon #1 et al.)
  • Earth-96 —Teenage students Batgal, Bumblebee, Supergirl, Zatanna, and others (DC Super Hero Girls et al.)
  • Earth-98 —Home of Green Lantern Tai Pham (Green Lantern: Legacy)
  • Earth-100 —Home to Teen Titans Raven Roth, Garfield Logan, Damian Wayne, and others (Teen Titans: Raven et al.)
  • Earth-118 —Medieval versions of Earth-0 heroes (Dark Knights of Steel)
  • Earth-124 —Home to Wonder Woman. Wonder Girl, and Wonder Tot (Wonder Woman v1 #124)
  • Earth-148 —Earth-0 counterpart heroes are villains and vice versa (World's Finest Comics v1 # 148 et al.)
  • Earth-162 —Superman and later, Batman divided into two separate beings (Superman v1 #162)
  • Earth-183 —Superman raised by apes (Superboy #183 et al.)
  • Earth-216 —Home of Superman. Jr. and Batman, Jr. (World's Finest Comics #215, et al.)
  • Earth-387 —No divergences in history other than every inhabitant is a werewolf (Adventure Comics #387)
  • Earth-789 —Superman and Supergirl are Earth's only powered heroes; Batman's parents killed by the joker. (Superman '78, Batman '89)
  • Earth-898 —A Justice League without a Superman (JLA: The Nail)
  • Earth-1956 —A teenage Superman (Superboy) and his dog, Krypto, are Earth's first super-heroes; later, home of the Super Friends
  • Earth-1996 —Mysterious "amalgamated" (?) heroes; requires further investigation?
  • Earth-2020 —Three generations of Supermen (Superman v1 #354 et al.)

(W) Mark Waid (A) Dan Jurgens, Various (CA) Mikel Janín
After the monumental events of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #4, Pariah has successfully resurrected the infinite Multiverse…and all of reality is still reeling from the event. Join Doctor Multiverse on a haunting journey through these newly re-formed realities, from The Jurassic League to DC: Mech…from Dark Knights of Steel to Batman '89 and back again…in a guest-star-galore all-new epic by comics legend and DC architect Mark Waid!
Retail: $3.99 In-Store Date: 12/13/2022

(W) Matthew Rosenberg (A/CA) Stephen Segovia
The mission has gone sideways for the Cats team as they inadvertently run afoul of the last group they wanted to cross paths with…the Court of Owls! It's the fight of the year: Talon versus Zealot!
Retail: $3.99 In-Store Date: 12/13/2022

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