Dark Horse Honors Twitter Conversation with Black Solstice in March

A comic inspired by tweets? Hey, we've been making comic book news articles out of tweets for years now! It's about time the publishing industry caught up! From writers Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe and artist Aremo Massa, Black Solstice is an original graphic novel coming out next December, but it's inspired by something that happened on Twitter last December.

In the press release, Travon Free explains:

This journey began on December 21, 2020, when practically every Black person on Twitter started declaring, almost spontaneously, what superpower they were gonna get on the winter solstice. It was an amazing day, one of those moments that reminds you why you love the Internet, where each post was cleverer than the last and every emotional beat you can think of got hit, from hilarious to disturbing to profound."

It felt like magic, and it kinda was, because in putting together this book we traced the idea back to its origin and after a lot of digging it turned out…there really wasn't just one. Instead it kinda formed piece by piece, bouncing from tweet to tweet, and from sincerity to irony in the weeks leading up to the solstice when it just dumped joy all over the timeline for everyone and proved, once again, that Black Twitter is the most creative place in the known universe.

"Ultimately, the goal of this book is to honor the joy and fun of that Twitter conversation and flesh it out into a complete story that everyone can enjoy," the press release continues. Here's the synopsis of the story:

Last winter solstice, the world was transformed when every Black person in America gained superpowers—powers that gave an unthinkable amount of hope, but then disappeared the following morning. Now, with only three days before the next winter solstice, the entire nation is holding its breath, waiting to see if the powers will return.

But not everyone's been just waiting. Kesa, Quentin, and Deja—the Wallace siblings—have been planning the biggest heist in history, something that would change everything for Black people. And they are ready. All they need are those powers to kick in for 24 more hours.

Black Solstice will be released in December  2022.

Dark Horse Honors Twitter Conversation with Black Solstice in March

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