Dave Sim Writes And Sam Glanzman Draws A Brand New Horror Comic From The Seventies

Drew Ford of It's Alive! writes on Moment Of Cerebus

I never saw this coming…but I'm happy it did!

A few years before setting out on his journey of CEREBUS in December of 1977, Dave Sim had a few short comic book stories published in those horror comic magazines of the 1970s, such as PSYCHO from Skywald and CREEPY by Warren. But even though a couple were published, several others were rejected for one reason or another. Obviously, Dave set this type of work aside a few years later, as he began a historic run on the critically-acclaimed comics masterpiece CEREBUS.

But what of those unpublished scripts, you might ask? Well, after hearing about the Kickstarter campaign to re-publish the graphic novel RED RANGE by Joe R. Lansdale and Sam Glanzman, Dave Sim offered Mr. Glanzman, an artist he respects very much, if he would be interested in illustrated one of these old horror stories? Mr. Glanzman was intrigued by the proposition of working with someone like Dave Sim, and agreed to take a look at the scripts and select at least one to draw. Whether he draws more than one remains to be seen. But he will select and draw at least one!

Therefore, very soon, there will be a new 4-5 page story (depending on which script Glanzman picks to draw) written by Dave Sim and illustrated by Sam Glanzman. It's really amazing that something like this could come together, and anyone who appreciates the work of Sim and/or Glanzman will surely want a copy of this story, once it is finished.

Well, we might be able to help you there! What we are offering, through the RED RANGE Kickstarter, is this: A Portfolio consisting of 4-5 (depending on which script Glanzman picks to draw) 11" x 17" prints, limited to an edition of 10, signed by both Dave Sim and Sam Glanzman, and digitally printed on high quality card stock from high resolution scans of Sam Glanzman's original artwork, at full scale.  You will also receive a copy of the newly repubished RED RANGE graphic novel.  All for $210 ($60 for the signed book, $150 for the portfolio).

This is your chance to own a very special piece of comics history…a once in a lifetime collaboration between acclaimed CEREBUS creator Dave Sim, and Golden Age master Sam Glanzman.

We all know these ten sets of prints won't last long. Dave Sim has asked that we release this to his own fans and collectors on A MOMENT OF CEREBUS before making it available to the general public.

Please understand that there are only 8 days left in the RED RANGE Kickstarter campaign, so if you would like one of these portfolios and copy of the book, you need to act fast.

Thank you!

Drew Ford
Owner/Publisher, IT'S ALIVE!


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