The Day Gwen Stacy Lived (Clone Conspiracy #5 Spoilers)

Gwen Stacy died in a rather undignified fashion. To be fair, most everyone does.

But unconscious, knocked off the Brooklyn Bridge by the Green Goblin, only for her attempted rescue by Spider-Man to result in her broken neck. And the first time such a major character would be "fridged" in superhero comics, used as a motivating force for Spider-Man, much as Uncle Ben was in his earliest issues.


There have been a variety of revivals for Gwen Stacy since. Clones, robots, parallel dimensions, and her history has been revived and revised, giving her two children from Norman Osborn, the same Green Goblin who would eventually kill her. And it was revealed that she died awake, knowing that Peter Parker and Spider-Man were the same person, and hating him.

In the current Clone Conspiracy series by Dan Slott and Jim Cheung, the Sins Of The Past aspect was brushed over rather. But we did have a Gwen Stacy, revived from the dead with her full memories, working for the bad guys (probably) against Spider-Man. Then trying to bring him into the fold. And then the full truth coming out and everyone having to pick a side.

Which gives Gwen Stacy the chance to sacrifice herself. And this time, for it to be a purposeful act that makes a difference. And against goblins – all of them.


I believe they call that agency. Good catch.

Clone Conspiracy #5 is published by Marvel today.

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