Details For DC 100-Page Giants – Superman #2 and From Beyond The Unknown #1

DC Comics has decided to let folk know what they are planning for Superman 100-Page Giant #2  – and we learnt something more about the From Beyond The Unknown oneshot, released in Walmart and then in comic book stores in February and March.

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Superman Giant #2 has a new cover by Rafa Sandoval and Jordi Tarragona, and the following original story

Against the Odds, a 24-page story written by Robert Vendittil with art by Paul Pelletier and Andrew Hennessy

Someone is running bets on Superman's exploits throughout Metropolis and putting ordinary citizens in harm's way. Can Superman locate this villainous gambler in time — or will the house take all?

And reprints of the following.

Fakeouts, from Supergirl #55 (2008)

Brainiac part two, from Action Comics #867 (2010)

Escape from Dinosaur Island, from Superman #9 (2016)

While Dan Jurgens has tweeted about From Beyond The Unknown #1, saying that he'll be writing and drawing a Legion Of Super-Heroes story for it, with Norm Rapmund. And from the cover image, it's also reprinting DC Comics Presents #3, featuring Superman and Adam Strange …

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