DC Comics Admits Superwoman Is Lois Lane With A Filename

DC Comics have written up their report on yesterday's All-Access panel at ECCC showing off some of the artwork they displayed during the presentation.

Including this one.

Lois Spread_Colors_Final(1)_5706b090cf2c90.57169236The filename of which is labelled "Lois Spread_Colors_Final(1)_5706b090cf2c90.57169236"

So… Lois Lane is Superwoman? By Phil Jimenez and Emanuela Lupacchino… it is all rather All Star Superman isn't it? Here's a few more images with less revelatory filename titles.

kamandi one_5706a3e0325055.09282641 PIVYCYCLE_Cv6_5706a3e83d31c3.06906112 DCBOMBSCv14_5706a3e745ccd0.48619504 HQ 29 - Inks - Pg 01_5706a3eae54e62.15499207 DKTMR_Cv4_1_25_var_Page_1_5706a3eea84805.63094260



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