DC Comics Crisis Event Next Year To Lead Into Bigger Event In 2023

There was meant to be a Crisis comic book event last year. Heidi MacDonald reported it and everything when re-reporting Bleeding Cool's original 5G stories, and she always has her finger on the Pulse.

The Beat has now confirmed with multiple sources that this is in fact what's coming, or at least that's currently the plan. In addition, next year will likely see another crisis setting things up, combined with a hypertime concept to explain in part how heroes who debuted long ago remained active for so long.

But it was not to be. DC publisher Dan DiDio was fired, junking lots of 5G-related plans, even though many of them were reused for Future State and Infinite Frontier, and DC lost a lot of senior staff, with everything going up in the air, a number of projects scrapped and "bottom drawered" even as they were pulling out some unpublished comics for their Let Them Live digital comics series.

But Bleeding Cool now hears from editorial sources that there will definitely be a Crisis event planned from DC Comics in 2022 that will lead into a much bigger event in 2023. This is all part of DC's Four Year Plan that began in 2020 with Death Metal, carried through into 2021 with Future State and Infinite Frontier… it's all part of the big plan. Death Metal is where it began; Infinite Frontier is how it's going.

I note that Scott Snyder will have finished his DC sabbatical by then. Brian Bendis is still hanging around. Geoff Johns doesn't look too busy right now – at least not at DC. Josh Williamson may be burned out on Infinite Frontier, or maybe he'll keep the momentum. Or maybe it will be Geoff Thorne, John Ridley, Ram V, Stephanie Phillips, or one of the other up-and-comers at DC Comics leading the way right now.

DC Comics Crisis Event Next Year To Lead Into Bigger Event In 2023
DC Comics Crisis Event Next Year To Lead Into Bigger Event In 2023

A Crisis in the DC Universe is an event that, these days, involves multiple universes and sometimes threatening their existence. From 1963 to 1985, the term "Crisis" was used to describe the annual events in which the Justice League of America of Earth-One and the Justice Society of America of Earth-Two met and worked together, usually in an incident involving one or more of the parallel worlds of the DC Multiverse. This usage culminated in 1985's year-long Crisis on Infinite Earths, a companywide crossover in which the Multiverse was eliminated. With the publication of Infinite Crisis, and Final Crisis, the use of the term within the DC Universe has shifted to focus on dimensional realities, so dragged in Flashpoint/The New 52, Metal and Death Metal but rejected the likes of Identity Crisis or Heroes In Crisis. And it also got a CW TV crossover too…

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