No Improvement In DC Comics' #ConnnectedTogether Messages

Last week, Bleeding Cool pointed out that the #ConnectedTogether message running in all DC's comic books that week, featuring Superman in his Fortress Of Solitude, and suggested that readers stay stronger together by staying apart, in their own similar Fortresses of Solitude, full of with portals to other worlds, alien races in zoos, technology from […]

Where In The World is Batman/Catwoman by Tom King and Clay Mann?

Where In The World is Batman/Catwoman by Tom King and Clay Mann?

It was this time last year that Bleeding Cool first told you that Tom King was being booted from Batman with #85. Then that he would continue what would have been his run until around Batman #105 with a 12 issue series, Batman/Catwoman, drawn by Clay Mann. This was later all confirmed and scheduled for […]

What Was All That About Batman Sitting Down?

What Was All That About Batman Sitting Down in Harley Quinn S02E05?

Harley Quinn season 2 episode 5 got plenty of comments for a) being basically an adult Batman cartoon and b) parodying the audience of barely Quinn – especially those who hate watch it, but one moment from the final act (video below) got me giggling the most. It was the freaking-out Jim Gordon meeting the […]

That New DC Comics Origin For The Joker in Walmart Batman Giant #5

Last week we talked about how the new Batman Giant #5, in Walmarts as of last weekend, was promising a new origin of The Joker. Now, I am far, far away from the nearest Walmart, and there is no sign of Batman Giant #5 coming to comic book stores, or even digital comics, any time […]

batman 92

Batman #92 Tops Advance Reorders Two Weeks In A Row

The Advance Reorders chart, last week and the week before that reflected that all of the DC Comics orders through Diamond were dropped to zero, meaning every retailer had to amend their order on FOC from scratch, which saw DC totally dominate. There's still a bit of that this week, but this time, there is […]

Batman Giant #5 Comes to Walmart

The Joker Gets a New Origin in Batman Giant #5 in Walmart

The Joker's origin has, intentionally, been left a little vague over the years with competition versions of the story in various Batman comic books. The Three Jokers looks to delineate that a little. But are we getting a new version? Batman Giant #5 came to Walmart this weekend. Just as Batman Giant #4 was getting […]

Marc Silvestri, Holding Out on a Greg Capullo Deal For Batman/Joker

Marc Silvestri, Holding Out on a Greg Capullo Deal For Batman/Joker?

Bleeding Cool has learned that one of the projects that DC Comics was hoping to come out of shutdown with, was Marc Silvestri's Batman comic book, Batman/The Joker: Deadly Duo. Image Comics co-founder and partner, creator of Witchblade, Cyberforce and The Darkness, Marc Silvestri has been working on a Batman project for many years and […]

DC Comics, Now Printing In Owensville, Massachusetts

DC Comics Switches Printing from Canada to Missouri

Back on March 23rd, Bleeding Cool broke the news on the closure of Transcontinental Printing in Canada, the main printers for much of the direct market comic book industry, but especially to DC Comics. Shutting down, initially for three weeks, the domino that led to the closure of Diamond Comic Distribution and many of the […]

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James Tynion IV Talks up Batman to Comic Store Retailers for FOC

Batman writer James Tynion IV joined the ultra-top secret Facebook DC Nation Retailer Forum on Thursday for a discussion of the upcoming Batman #92, which you may have seen teased on Bleeding Cool, and the build-up to The Joker War, detailing how the next few issues lead to the highly anticipated event. He mentioned a […]

batman three jokers (1)

DC Comics Full August 2020 Solicitations – Harley Quinn Cancelled

DC Comics has revealed its proper, full solicitations for August 2020 as the industry begins to ramp up back to full service. With lots and lots of Joker – but Harley Quinn's final issue with #75. I don't suppose there's any chance of a 5G Harley Quinn reboot? BATMAN: THREE JOKERS #1 written by GEOFF […]


Warren Ellis to Write Evil Robot Dinosaur Batman in Death Metal

Man, it's a long time since Bleeding Cool broke the news about a) a sequel to Metal by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. that b) it would be called Death Metal and c) showed off artwork, all through pounding shoes on pavements. But pandemic or no pandemic, we are finally getting there. It was James […]

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Joker War Zone Announced By DC Comics Tomorrow

We just mentioned the first appearance of Clownhunter in James Tynion IV's newsletter, but there's more, such as this checklist for the Joker War storyline and spinoffs. That amount of titles looks fairly reasonable don't you think? Shouldn't break the bank? We're not talking Secret Wars/Secret Empire/Civil War here or anything. Also, should hopefully be […]

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Clownhunter Joins Punchline in Batman's Upcoming Joker War

I love it when James Tynion IV's newsletter goes out because it means it's basically a) find the bit about Batman b) especially if it involves Punchline c) cut and d) paste. Well, with Batman #92 up for FOC this Monday, (and doing rather well on the advance reorders anyway) he probably won't mind. You […]

batman gotham nights (1)

Batman as the Bad Guy – Again – in Batman: Gotham Nights #4

An upcoming yet-to-be-published issue of Batman reveals that Bruce Wayne is a tax-dodging scumbag like all the other billionaires. But the most recent digital-only-but-previously-published-for-Walmart Batman comic by Mark Russell and Ryan Benjamin goes a little further. Firstly it has Bryce Wayne hanging out with all the big knobs at a country club called the Fluttering […]

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Batman Gets a New Ability in The Three Jokers, Out on August 25th

Originally teased in Justice League #50 and the DC Rebirth Special in 2016, The Three Jokers was a series by Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson originally scheduled for 2018 by DC Comics. This was postponed many a time before finally setting on June 2020. At which point a little thing called a global […]

John Ridley, Luke Fox Batman, 5G, No More?

John Ridley, Luke Fox Batman, 5G, No More?

If I were John Ridley, I would begin to suspect that I was under some kind of curse. Admittedly, I would have won an Oscar for writing the screenplay for 12 Years A Slave. But when I returned to my true love, writing comic books, things seemed to fall apart. I got to revisit and […]

dark nights death metal (1)

Doctor Manhattan in Dark Nights: Death Metal, and More

Scott Snyder, writer of DC's upcoming event comic Dark Nights: Death Metal participated in a DC Comics retailer event on Friday, to show off the first issue, with Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and FCO Plascencia. He event gave them a look at his whiteboard that demonstrates how Death Metal connects to the original Dark Nights: Metal event. He told them "It's a […]

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Full Line-Up for Joker 80th and When Will We Get #Batman #100?

Batman #92 had almost a quarter-of-a-million copies published, but that was in the time before lockdown. Even though it is a comic about lockdown. It didn't get to stores to time and has been sitting in Diamond Comic Distributors warehouses ever since. Now it will be coming to comic stores from Diamond, UCS and Lunar […]

Bleeding Cool Talks to "Michael Grey", Uncovers Their Real Identity.

Rich Johnston Talks to "Michael Grey", Uncovers Their Real Identity

In recent weeks, I have been covering the work of a comic book writer "Michael Grey" whose writing work appeared on some of DC Comics' biggest characters, and their high profile new Digital First titles, both Batman: Gotham Nights and Aquaman: Deep Dives after previously appearing in their Walmart Giant titles. But there was no […]

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Punchline Origin Previewed in Joker 80th Anniversary FOC This Weekend

Back in February (which seems a lifetime ago, right?) Bleeding Cool let you know that the then-upcoming Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 would feature the Punchline Origin, the origin of hot new Batman character, Punchline. Which was handy to know before the comic book went to Final Order-Cut Off and was something DC […]